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TikToker's take on how it went down when Jesus turned water into wine has the internet in splits

Turning water into wine is no joke, but Adrian Bliss' take on the picky wine drinker among the disciples of Jesus sure is funny.

TikToker's take on how it went down when Jesus turned water into wine has the internet in splits
Image Source: TikTok/Adrian Bliss

There's something about the dry British sense of humor that manages to tickle our fancy. Among the innumerable people from the UK who have managed to make us laugh, comes Adrian Bliss with his mastery in deadpan comedic delivery. Bliss, of YouTube fame, is now making waves on TikTok with his historical satire. His most recent video is a fresh take on a biblical anecdote of how Jesus turned water into wine. When Jesus performed what was to be his first miracle, no one could have predicted that years later it would have aged just like fine wine, and kids on the internet would still be talking about it.

Source: TikTok/Adrian Bliss


In the TikTok video, Bliss is dressed as Jesus in the signature white robe and red sash. He turns the water at the wedding party into wine and serves it to the guests. One of his disciples takes a sip before immediately spitting it back into the glass. “He’s done a Merlot again,” he complains when asked what’s wrong. “What’s wrong with Merlot?” the disciple asks. “What’s right with Merlot?” the picky disciple responds. He then turns to Jesus and asks him if he can get another type of wine, perhaps a Malbec or Pinot Noir. "I can't do those ones, I'm afraid," Jesus responds.

Source: TikTok/Adrian Bliss


The disciple does not give up. He suggests, "What about a Rioja?" To which another disciple chimes in to say he wouldn't mind a Rioja either. The oenophilic disciple is ready to "settle" for a Châteauneuf-du-Pape even. “Just drink it,” the less-picky disciple finally says. And so the other disciple does with some hesitation. “I could probably do a Shiraz,” Jesus offers finally, to which the disciple gags in response. 

The short skit is a hit and has been watched more the eight million times on TikTok in just four days. It soon made it's way to other social media sites as well and has been stirring up a riot of laughter. Watch the whole video here and the reactions from social media users:



























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