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People are finding out if they were their parents' favorite child using an ingenious tech hack

This trend is for people to find out if they are the 'password child,' indicating that they are the favorite child.

People are finding out if they were their parents' favorite child using an ingenious tech hack
Image Source: (L to R) Tiktok/zackabiz; TikTok/fireflyspam; TikTok/user2242210585171

All families have that one "password child," and everyone on TikTok is trying to find out if they are one. The password child is one toddler, tween, teen, or adult, whose birthday or name is used by the parents as their password, indicating that they are the favorite child in the family. People are finding innovative ways to find out if they are the "password child" and posting the results on the video-sharing platform. Although there are alternative methods for identifying the favored child, such as the "fridge kid" who dominates the display space, the password technique is currently viewed as the most reliable means of determining who is the most adored, at least according to children, reported Scary Mommy.

Image Source: TikTok/zackazbiz
Image Source: TikTok/@zackazbiz


While some are just having fun with the information they uncover, others are making hilarious discoveries they must grapple with for the rest of their lives. TikTok user @zackabiz confessed in his video, "My dad’s password was the dog’s name." Numerous individuals have found that their parents utilize their pets, hobbies, and preferred locations as passwords and do not even think of their children. TikTok user @fireflyspam said, "I’m the only child and still did not manage to be the password child. Get on my level, b—ches."

Image Source: TikTok/@fireflyspam
Image Source: TikTok/@fireflyspam


After determining whether they are the password child or not, children turn to TikTok to express their emotions. A frequently observed trend is posting messages that begin with "I may not be the password child, but..." TikTok user @user2242210585171 said in their video, "I might not be the password child, but I’m most definitely the reason we have house cameras." While those who find out they are actually the password child, also favorites of their parents, are bursting with happiness.

Image Source: TikTok/
Image Source: TikTok/@user2242210585171


The theory of the password child was first presented by influencer Alex Griswold and his wife Melissa, according to New York Post. Griswold uploaded a video that has currently amassed over 5 million views. When a user inquired, "Which one of you is the password child?" he elucidated the trend to his audience. He says in the video, "Okay, so the password child is like when you’re trying to watch your parent’s Netflix, but it’s logged out. So then you ask ‘what’s the password’ and then they say your name or one of your sibling’s names, and then whose ever name that is, is the favorite child."

The comments section is filled with people commenting if they are the password child or not. TikTok user @shinji1k4r1 commented, "I have 3 brothers, and my name is the password." Another person, @julianrain said, "My mom uses my name cuz I'm her first, but she def likes my brother more." TikTok user @alivias_alt774's parents are completely different, as they revealed, "My parents who base the passwords on themselves."

TikTok does not know if the "password child" theory actually holds true, but it is absolutely amazing to see so many people interacting with their parents and finding out more about them through their passwords. The results are absolutely hilarious yet very heartwarming.

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