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TikTok theory claiming secret codes on toothpaste tubes gets unbelievable response from Colgate

As a ruse about the color codes on toothpaste tubes is spreading on TikTok, Colgate's response enlightens everyone about the truth.

TikTok theory claiming secret codes on toothpaste tubes gets unbelievable response from Colgate
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @jumpersjump

As much as social media entertains us, it is also known to spread false information time and again. Sometimes, as part of these fake theories, health scares are circulated and they are so convincing that the viewers believe them. One such baseless piece of information that made its rounds earlier this year was about how the color codes at the end of the toothpaste tubes have a secret meaning. TikTok podcasters, Jumpers Jump Podcast, who often discuss conspiracy theories and true stories, made a video on "Crazy Toothpaste Theory," which went viral with over 7.4 million views.

Image Source: TikTok | @jumpersjumpmedia
Image Source: TikTok | @jumpersjump

In the video, the podcasters talk about the meaning behind the "secret color codes," which is quite chilling. They say that each color codes at the end of the toothpaste tubes indicate the extent of natural or chemical ingredients in the toothpaste. "The theory goes that the elites or the people who know the code stay away from certain colors of the toothpaste," they said. If the color block is green, the toothpaste has natural ingredients. If it's blue, it is a mix of natural ingredients and medicines. If it's red, it means natural substances and chemicals are added and finally, black, represents fully chemical, as per the podcast. The same claims have been made by many other TikTok users previously, but it turns out that it's totally untrue.

In January 2023, Colgate released an explanation that proved all these conspiracies wrong. Calling it a "hoax," Colgate completely denies that the color codes had barely any secret meaning. While the social media posts warn people of the red and black markings on the toothpaste, Colgate clarifies that oral care companies never hide their ingredients to trick their customers. The true purpose of those color blocks was to help find the end of the tubes during manufacturing. To accurately seal the tube, the light sensors will detect these color markings and cut the tube accordingly. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Erik Mclean
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Erik Mclean

For those terrified about the red or black markings on their toothpaste tubes, Colgate reassures that that was not the way to know about the ingredients. Instead, people can find the actual ingredients of the toothpaste in the text description on the tubes or packaging boxes. Thus, the oral care manufacturer smashed the myth that had been revolving around the secret color codes. It is all a manufacturing hack to find the spot where the tubes had to be cut and sealed. Colgate suggested that if people truly wanted to know the perfectly safe option for their oral hygiene, they need to resort to a dentist's aid and not social media

Image Source: TikTok | @dranneodonnell
Image Source: TikTok | @dranneodonnell

Also, a dentist's point of view is crucial in this matter and to offer that, Dr Anne O'Donnell (@dranneodonnell) opened up on this hoax. "So these markings that are on toothpaste, guess what? They don't mean anything. These are actually laser markings that actually cut the tube. Cut the plastic in the manufacturing plant," O'Donnell explained. "Nothing to do with what's inside of the toothpaste. If you want to know what's inside of the toothpaste, look at the ingredients," the dentist added. 

You can follow Jumpers Jump Podcast (@jumpersjump) on TikTok for more such conspiracy theories. Also, you can follow Dr. Anne O'Donnell (@dranneodonnell) on TikTok to learn more about dental hygiene.

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