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Man makes 97-year-old veteran's 'dream come true' by taking him to an NFL game

Garza also made him meet his favorite NFL player who gave him a signed custom jersey.

Man makes 97-year-old veteran's 'dream come true' by taking him to an NFL game
Image Source: LA Rams/Instagram

A man has won the hearts of millions across the world for making a 97-year-old veteran's dream come true. Designer Isaiah Garza has gained wide popularity on social media due to their acts of kindness, according to CBS News. They help those in need and inspire their large following to do the same. In one of their several good deeds, they took William Goode on a trip to Disneyland. Garza took the veteran to the California theme park and spent a wonderful day with him. The 97-year-old was extremely grateful and said that he "thought his life was over" but Garza changed his outlook. During the process, they became really good friends and the TikTok influencer decided to make his lifelong dream come true. 



The 32-year-old has once again given Goode a day he will never forget by taking him to SoFi Stadium on October 16 to witness his favorite team, the Rams, face the Carolina Panthers, reports Daily Mail. They uploaded a video montage of their most recent adventure, beginning with when they stopped Goode while he was strolling outdoors with his walker. Garza told him in the video, "I want to make today the best day of your entire life."

Goode replied, "You know that means a lot to me. I wish more people would care." When Garza disclosed that they were going with him to see his beloved team play, the veteran was taken aback. Goode was once again astounded when Garza said that he would be meeting his favorite player, wide receiver Cooper Kupp. He said, "Oh no! You mean he would come over here? I wonder if we could get his autograph?"



When Kupp approached, he instantly shook the veteran's hand as seen in the video. As they talked on the field before the game, Goode lovingly patted Kupp's shoulder. He told the player, "Oh my God! You're really good. You're one of the best." Kupp also signed a custom jersey for him. Goode recalled, "Oh boy, my heart was going like crazy. My heart was beating. I was up on cloud nine. I was way up there. Miracles happen. Miracles do happen."

Kupp informed Goode that he hoped they'd put up a "good show" for him, which they did, winning 24-10 over the Panthers. Goode also tried their Super Bowl ring and hung out with cheerleaders in his custom jersey. Garza did give him the "experience of a lifetime," and Goode called it "one of the happiest days of my life."


The video has gathered over 9 million views on TikTok and 12k comments with a person commenting, "This made my day , such a precious memory so happy he got to experience this .. he was in awe the entire time." 

Garza has been doing these wonderful acts of kindness to give back to the world. As the son of immigrant parents from Mexico, they grew up in poverty. At one point, their family was even homeless; however, it did not break Garza's spirit. They got a scholarship to go to fashion school in Los Angeles and spent a year living out of their car. Garza claims that those difficult years prepared them for what they do now. Their agony gave them enthusiasm and purpose, as well as a "weird energy."

Garza told CBS, "If I didn't become homeless and struggle and suffer, I would have never have done what I'm doing today. It would have never have happened that way. There's no chance." They are now an extremely popular celebrity-loved jewelry designer and TikTok influencer. They are not paid by TikTok or any other social media platform for their acts, but they have secured sponsorship partnerships with corporations such as KFC. They also utilize GoFundMe to raise funds and, in certain circumstances, use their own money to help people. 

You can follow Isaiah Garza's work on their Instagram and TikTok accounts. 

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