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'Thunder dog' Roselle who emerged as a symbol of hope and bravery on 9/11 still remembered with love

Roselle shined bright and spread hope and love to all ever since she was born in 1998 at Guide Dogs for the Blind in San Rafael, California.

'Thunder dog' Roselle who emerged as a symbol of hope and bravery on 9/11 still remembered with love
Cover Image Source: (L) Instagram | @michael_hingson_ (R) Roselle's Dream Foundation

Even after so many years, when one recalls the 9/11 attack, the lives lost and the heroes of the disaster, their heart is filled with love, admiration and honor. While we pay respect and remember those who have passed away, we also celebrate the unsung heroes who risked their lives in different ways to rescue others. One such hero is Roselle, the guide dog. On the dreaded day, the brave canine was asleep on the 78th floor of the North Towers under her owner’s desk. When the plane crashed into the building and the fire distorted much of it, Roselle calmly stayed with her owner Michael Hingson and even led him down with 30 others to safety. 

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@TimCapsulesTales honored the story of Roselle’s courage and splendor on Twitter in response to a post mentioning another 9/11 hero. The tweet read, “What sets the story apart is that Hingson is blind and was guided to safety by his guide dog, Roselle.” The post continued, “They were on the 78th floor when the plane hit. Despite the chaos, Roselle remained calm, leading Hingson and several others down 1,463 steps to safety. The descent took about an hour.” The post further elaborated on the next scenario that left bleak hopes for many. 




“Remarkably, just moments after they exited the building, Tower Two collapsed, covering them in debris. Both survived. “The story of the duo is known to be one of trust and valor. Hingson, extremely grateful for his companion, called him as the “thunder dog.” Roselle was awarded the ‘Dickins Medal’ for her selfless act. Soon, Hingson set up a charity organization titled, "Roselle’s Dream Foundation." This foundation had the aim to fulfill as many dreams as possible. From assisting other blind people to providing monetary and other support for students and several others. 


Roselle’s story built quite the life for Hingson. He also published a best-selling book, “Thunder Dog” that speaks of the life and story of Roselle and her fearless act. However, the foundation explained that things ran smoothly for a while until 2004. Roselle was diagnosed with immune-mediated thrombocytopenia which attacked her blood platelets and affected her functioning. In 2007, her kidneys got weak due to illness and she had to retire as a guide dog. In 2010, her condition worsened and she was under medical care but her health wouldn’t pick up. Roselle passed away on 26th June 2011. The team mentioned, “She crossed the bridge and I am sure she’s now more comfortable and has all the doorbells she wants to bark at.” 

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A post shared by Michael Hingson (@michael_hingson_)


The organization continues to spread hope and life just like Roselle did. Her story is indeed one of love and heroism. Even in her struggle with health, the canine was always positive and gleaming. She faced every challenge with a smile and guided others into it. She is the ideal example of a guide dog. Several commenters sent applause through their compliments and best wishes for Roselle and Hingson.@georgecarthur said, "Dogs are truly amazing creatures." @kelmerica78 said, “We do not deserve dogs. What a boss.” Hingson and his team left a beautiful message on Roselle’s Dream Foundation page saying, “You have set a high bar of love for all of us.  Be at peace and know that we shall try to love each other as much as you loved each of us on this earth.”






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