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Three women found out they were dating the same guy. They dumped him and went on a road trip

The man told each of them that it was his dream to pick up a VW bus and travel the country, so they did it without him.

Three women found out they were dating the same guy. They dumped him and went on a road trip
Image source: Instagram/the.bam.bus

Being cheated on can be one of the worst feelings but three young women who were cheated on by the same man are touring the West with each other this summer. Abi Roberts, 19, of Salt Lake City, and Bekah King, 18, and Morgan Tabor, 21, who both hail from Boise, refused to be defined by their cheating boyfriend and decided to move on by going on a trip with each other. The trio bought and renovated a 30-year-old school bus over two and a half months, before going on a trip much like Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, and Kate Upton in the film The Other Woman. “We’re living our dream life, having a blast. It’s incredible to think that it happened because of him,” said Tabor, reported The Washington Post.


They had learned that their boyfriend had been in a relationship with six different women at the same time, including them. They have been traveling in the bus and hiking, documenting their journey on Instagram, with the page's handle reading, “The BAM Bus,” which they named after each of their first initials. It was Tabor who first suspected that her on-and-off boyfriend of several years had been cheating on her. They were dating exclusively at the time — last December. She found out that her boyfriend, a 20-year-old college student had been sending texting multiple women, and his Instagram comments featured a fair amount of flirty comments. When Tabor looked up one of the girls' names on Instagram, she found the page filled with images of the woman with Tabor's boyfriend. “Almost all of the photos on this girl’s page showed her with this guy who I’d thought was my boyfriend,” said Tabor. 


She contacted the woman and she was just as shocked. They then followed up on a few more potential women from the man's Instagram account and discovered he had also been in a relationship with Roberts, a Utah State University student. Roberts was just as shocked at finding out her boyfriend had been cheating on her. They had been dating since Halloween last year and were exclusive. “When Morgan contacted me, it was the most insane feeling ever,” said Roberts. "This guy had literally slept at my house the night before, kissed me goodbye, and said he was driving back to Boise [from Utah] to visit his family,” she said. He had instead gone to Tabor's home. It was also the time Tabor had contacted Roberts and were Facetiming each other as the man turned up at Tabor's house. 


As he stood by the Tabor's door holding flowers, she held up the phone and said, "'Hey, look here. I’ve made some new friends.' Watching his face drop when he saw who I was talking to on FaceTime was the most cinematic moment ever,” said Tabor. He tried to defend himself saying there was nothing wrong with dating more than one woman, despite being exclusive with them. After he left, they did a little more digging and found at least six women he’d been seeing. King was one of them and they had been dating him since the summer of 2020. “Just two hours after he’d been confronted by Morgan and Abi and told them he was going to become a changed man, he was messaging me, asking to hang out,” said King.


The three women decided to dump him and coped with the pain and heartbreak by texting and Facetiming each either for several months. They grew close and eventually decided to meet at Roberts' home. “We did a lot of trauma processing and memory sharing, and it was obvious that we were all really cool, fun people who had a lot in common,” said Roberts. The man had told each of them that it was his dream to pick up a VW bus and travel around the country in it and that's exactly what they did but only without him. They pooled in the money, bought it, and renovated it. They relied on YouTube mostly as they renovated the bus.  


They started their trip around mid-June and traveled to Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains, then on to Jackson, Wyoming, and Grand Teton National Park. "We take turns driving, and if we’re going downhill and have a good tailwind, we can hit 63 miles an hour,” said King. This trip isn't about the man. “What this guy did to us doesn’t define our lives,” said Roberts, reported Good Morning America. “We all feel really blessed that we found each other. We’re friends for life.” They have a rough route in mind but they're going where their hearts take them. "We're winging it a little bit," added Tabor. They're hoping the Instagram page also inspires other women in facing similar hardships. "Something we love to share with everyone, and especially girls who are maybe in a similar situation or going through something, is just to keep your head up. Keep going, you got this!" said Tabor.

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