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Three men stranded on an island alone come up with an ingenious way to call for help

The three men were out fishing but when their vessel was damaged, they were stuck on an island till they came up with a clever idea.

Three men stranded on an island alone come up with an ingenious way to call for help
Cover Image Source: YouTube | WRAL News

At some point, everyone fantasizes about surviving in the wild. But when fantasy becomes reality, creativity and courage are essential for escape. These men, stranded on an island alone, came up with ingenious help to get rescued when their lives were in danger. According to the United States Coast Guard News, three mariners stranded for over a week on Pikelot Atoll in Yap State were safely rescued. Per Smithsonian Magazine, their simple yet effective tactic successfully drew attention.They managed to create a “Help” sign for responders to see and locate them and it rightfully worked.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Alex Azabache
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Alex Azabache

A rescue center received a distress call from a woman reporting her three uncles missing. "Every life saved, and every mariner returned home is a testament to the enduring partnership and mutual respect that characterizes our relationship, making a profound impact on the lives of individuals and the resilience of communities across the FSM," said Lt. Cmdr. Christine Igisomar, the coordinator of the mission. The three men, all in their 40s and knowledgeable in both navigation and the area, had set out to explore. However, when they were stranded, it was their massive sign that helped speed up the rescue mission and have the men back safe.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Jess Loiterton
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Jess Loiterton

The men arrived at a stranded island but their radio ran out of battery power before they could call for help, per WRAL News. The men then used palm fronds from the 31-acre island, arranged them to spell out “HELP” on the beach, and waited. The men were fishing when their vessel got damaged and they were forced to survive by reaching the nearest island and managing in a way they best could, per NBC News. With the help of the 'HELP' sign and information from the distressed caller, the crew quickly located the mariners. They then quickly established communication via radio and sent survival packages till they could get access to the mariners and rescue them.

One of the other coordinators Lt. Chelsea Garcia remarked, “In a remarkable testament to their will to be found, the mariners spelled out 'HELP' on the beach using palm leaves, a crucial factor in their discovery. This act of ingenuity was pivotal in guiding rescue efforts directly to their location.” She added, “This successful operation underscores the effective coordination and partnership between the U.S. Coast Guard, the U.S. Navy, and regional partners. We extend our gratitude to everyone involved." Lt. Ray Cerrato commander of the USCGC Oliver Henry said, “Whether we're out there protecting valuable resources or saving lives, we're not just visitors – we're members of this vibrant maritime community that connects all these islands.

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This recent operation near Pikelot Atoll hits home the kind of difference we can make. It's about more than just performing a duty; it's about the real human connections we forge and the lives we touch.” He added more about how these rescues encourage him to do more. “Every day, I'm reminded of the impact we have and the bonds we build. It's incredibly rewarding to see the faces of those we've helped. Here on Oliver Henry, we're not just a crew; we're part of the heartbeat of the Pacific, and I couldn't be prouder of the work we do,” he said.


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