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Thousands break through Target lines to get their hands on the new Stanley hysteria

Stanley hysteria unexpectedly dominates Gen Z, as they wait outside in lines in front of their nearest Target stores.

Thousands break through Target lines to get their hands on the new Stanley hysteria
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @stanley_brand

Gen Z likes to have its take on things. Sometimes, these takes or trends are so out of the realm of logic that others are left with their mouth open. In recent years, they have done everything from watching a movie in a jam-packed theatre donning a suit to indulging in phenomenons like "quiet quitting." The latest one to join these trends bandwagon is the unexplained obsession with 'Stanley' cups. All of a sudden, Gen Z has begun hoarding in Target stores all over the country to get their hands on these coveted Stanley cups. People have been standing in lines, spending entire nights to get these coveted items in their homes. Social media platforms such as TikTok and X (formerly known as Twitter) are filled with craze for these cups.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio

The commodity has gained a loyal group of fans who brought it all in a matter of minutes after being released, reports TODAY. On January 3, Stanley, the company behind the viral cup, collaborated with Starbucks to bring out a "Winter Pink" version, sold exclusively at Target. "For the launch of Starbucks winter menu on January 3, Starbucks and Stanley collaborated on an exclusive, limited-edition, pink Starbucks x Stanley Quencher available in Starbucks stores at Target locations in the U.S," a Starbucks representative tells the outlet, adding that this is the third release of a Stanley Quencher co-branded with the coffee chain. It is not the first time Stanley Cups has caused such a mayhem. In the past November, Starbucks released a holiday red Stanley Quencher, which was also fought over by crowds.


The 'Stanley cup' effect could be attributed to the Barbie phenomenon, which swept the nation with the release of its namesake movie. Most of the people hopping on this trend are little girls and women. The 'pink' color has become a means for women to shine bright and feel confident in their identity. Rather than adhering to principles laid out by society that they must be demure and subtle, these bold colors enable them to stand out. Vincent Marcus—who goes by @vincentmarcus on TikTok—showed how his daughter was happy and elated getting the cup in her hands in a video posted on TikTok. Both were standing in line in front of a Target from midnight and their dedication finally got them a "sweet taste of victory." It was a direct example of how much these cups mean to these girls.



Regardless of the reasons, people around the world are shocked to see individuals hoard Targets for just a cup. Some of the most hilarious takes regarding the whole fiasco are etched on X (formerly known as Twitter). For @sportsfan_4_ only one Stanley Cup matters, which is related to men playing on ice rinks, not people fighting on the shopping counter, "All these Stanley Cup tweets have me confused. There is only one Stanley Cup that comes to mind for me." For office fans, only one Stanley matters, @Andy35o puts it, "The only Stanley Cup I need."

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Seeing the craze for these cups all the companies involved are looking to capitalize on it. Target has given out a statement that they are planning to launch new items as part of a collaboration with Stanley in 2024. It includes cups with more colors and prints as well as other brands apart from Starbucks.


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