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This woman held a party to bid farewell to her breasts after she was diagnosed with cancer

Mother of four, Lynsey Ritchie, decided to own her cancer diagnosis, letting it affect her positively and throwing a party for her boobs.

This woman held a party to bid farewell to her breasts after she was diagnosed with cancer
Image Source: Betsie Van Der Meer / Getty Images

"My boobs had to go," a mother said about being diagnosed with breast cancer. "So I gave them a farewell party." 43-year-old teacher and mother of four Lynsey Ritchie refused to let her cancer diagnosis get the best of her. While learning you have breast cancer can be quite devastating news, Lynsey was ready to fight the tough battle - and win. When this brave mom received her diagnosis, she decided she was not going to let it ruin her life or change her sons' everyday routines. In an interview with BBC, she revealed what her tough journey was like.


Lynsey was diagnosed last year in June after finding a lump as she was packing boxes to move house. At the time, her husband Neil, a soldier, was away working. She was told that she had to undergo a double mastectomy in order to survive the diagnosis. But she took the news like a real sport. The mother revealed, "I was actually still breastfeeding my baby when I was diagnosed last June. I breastfed all of my children for over a year each, I donated my breast milk for premature babies and also helped mums as an NHS breastfeeding peer supporter." Because of everything she and her breasts had been through, she was really appreciative of them. Therefore, even though the diagnosis was not exactly the best news to receive, she wanted to give them an appropriate farewell.




"I feel, on the whole, over 42 years, my boobs have done more than most people," she explained. "So I felt it was only fitting that I should give them a celebration - a send-off - to say thank you for giving me this wake-up call." The celebration took place in December last year, just as Lynsey completed 15 sessions of chemotherapy. Her husband was allowed to return home so he could be by her side as she received her treatment (and attend the party, of course). Two weeks after the farewell, she underwent a double mastectomy. On December 20, 2019, she arrived at the hospital in style, decked out in a Christmas jumper displaying a breast and tree bauble design.



The brave mom was never expecting to be diagnosed with cancer, but she has let the diagnosis have a positive effect on her life. "I would never have wished for cancer," she explained. "But it has changed my life and I am actually much happier and much more contented since my diagnosis. When I was diagnosed, I had to work through it mentally and get into a place where I could heal from breast cancer - it's a message for me to change my life for the better for my boys. I feel it is a message for me. I am thankful for my body and want to heal. I won't be negative. I want it to be as positive as it can be. There is always a positive - you have sometimes got to look a bit harder to find it." What a tough momma!


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