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This woman has 26 items in her emergency 'get home' bag that she always keeps in her car

She grew up in a rural area, so prepping for contingencies and emergencies were a way of life and she's now encouraging others to follow suit.

This woman has 26 items in her emergency 'get home' bag that she always keeps in her car
Image source: TikTok/@perkyprepper

Editor's note: This article was originally published on April 4, 2022. It has since been updated.

No matter how much you try to plan your life, there's no telling when you might be in the middle of an emergency or a tricky situation. TikTok user Perkyprepper has made a name for herself on the platform by highlighting different ways to prepare for different types of emergencies. One of her posts about always carrying an emergency "get home" bag in her car has gained popularity. She lists out the items she carries in her car at all times for on-the-road emergencies. You never know when your car might break down, you get stuck in traffic or trapped in a snowstorm. The video received more than 1.6 million views and 232,000 likes. 


She described herself as a “beginner prepper,” but most of her tips have been lauded by those who have been following her videos and her suggestions are also mostly in line with that of (America’s nonprofit National Safety Council), according to Bored Panda. "This is my 'get home' bag I keep in my car in case of emergency on the road," she can be heard saying during the video and listing out the various items she carries in her bag. She carries 48 hours' worth of food so she could hold out until rescuers can get to her in an emergency. 


"A change of shoes and clothes including a hat, a blanket, flashlight, key warming tools as well as fire starting tools are all inside," she can be heard saying. "As well as water purification tablets, food for 48 hours, a bottle of water and a water bottle. First Aid Kit with Advil, basic one-on-one first aid items, a change of contacts, wipes, etc. A phone charger and power cord and that's everything in case I needed to get home," she adds.


Many users lauded her ideas. "I’m a country girl from the Midwest, in the winter we always pack a bag like this in our cars in case we get stranded in a snowstorm! Love this!" wrote one user. She replied, "I grew up in an area w no cell service. Not much fun if you break down and aren’t prepared, thanks for the support!! :)" Another user added, "If where you live gets snow/freezing—add an emergency/SOL blanket!" One user commented, "Girl here I am now making a list of everything you just put in your bag so I can make a bag and put it in my car. TikTok teaches us a lot."



Some users chimed in with their own tips as well. "You’re doing great! Consider adding a bandana, dust mask, work gloves, tourniquet, folding shovel, or headlamp," suggested one user. Another added, "Good job. there are so many things to have in there. I like multi-tool, whistles, and electrolytes. I like a hands-free headlamp for light. Work gloves." The TikTok user said that having grown up in a rural area, prepping was a normal part of life. “Planning for power outages, limited to no access to stores, and being able to evacuate quickly was the norm,” she said, adding that she still continues to prepare for contingencies even after moving to the city.  She added that it's important to not just think about prepping but actually get down to doing it because there is so much to buy and learn. "It doesn’t happen overnight!” she said.

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