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This 'well-being' notice from a new CEO is a lesson in promoting work-life balance for employees

He is setting a good example in the workplace as he wants his employees to focus on their lives outside work as well.

This 'well-being' notice from a new CEO is a lesson in promoting work-life balance for employees
Representative Cover Image Source: X | @IGoBySteve | Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio

Employers usually expect immediate responses to emails from their employees and it’s rare for them to be considerate and understanding. However, this new CEO is paving the way for more inclusive workplaces where employees are encouraged to have lives outside the office. A person shared on X a disclaimer he received from his company’s new CEO and it left everyone in amazement. The screenshot from the email was captioned, “Just got an after-hours email from my new CEO and noticed he added this little disclaimer. You'll love to see it.”

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio

The disclaimer read, “Well-Being Notice: Receiving this email outside of normal working hours? Managing work and life responsibilities is unique for everyone. I have sent this email at a time that works for me. Please respond at a time that works for you.” It was refreshing that the email was sent by one of the bosses. The same screenshot was posted on Reddit and people loved this disclaimer from the CEO. u/ragnarokxg commented, “The well-being notice is perfectly reasonable and honestly shows they get it.” u/goodoldeagle wrote about how it’s not the norm in most workplaces. “It’s a shame that more 'bosses' don’t walk the walk. They may spout on about 'family' but when it comes right down to it, we’re all just a number that generates money for those at the top of the org chart.”

Image Source: Reddit | u/Anonality5447
Image Source: Reddit | u/Anonality5447

u/VegasSparky66 feels that everyone should be doing it. “The more people willing to do it, the more likely it becomes an unwritten expectation, the more likely it becomes required,” the person shared. u/johpaulwall said, “Yeah, I mean this one isn't bad. The company I work for tells me specifically not to check work emails off the clock, f*** it, go home, have a life. But I mean also if you happen to open your work email and you happen to want to respond to something from home, they can't stop you. It's just never required.” This CEO sure is setting a good example in the workplace. It is true what the top tier of a company follows becomes the work culture so this mail sure is a green flag for anyone who wants to join it.


This CEO seems like he wants his employees to have work-life balance but that is not the case with everyone. Scott Kuru, a property investor and business mentor has different views on it. He shared on LinkedIn that people should not hire anyone looking for work-life balance. He went on to say that balance is important as one cannot perform well if they don’t have all the areas in harmony in their life.

However, he thinks that people looking for work-life balance are not interested in growing and are not focused on improving or being super committed which are companies' goals. His views brought a lot of criticism from people. Michael Kowalczyk, an Investment Property strategist, commented, "As an active father of 3 kids under 5, I’m a firm believer an individual can maintain a healthy work-life balance and perform at a high level. If your employee can produce the same results in 3/4 days worth of work, as what another can accomplish in 5 days, then I’d favor hiring that employee."


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