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This dad is going viral for going to a club with his daughter. It went exactly as expected.

TikTok user Taliasc's dad joined her for a night of clubbing in Madrid, Spain. Thankfully for us, there is video evidence.

This dad is going viral for going to a club with his daughter. It went exactly as expected.
Image Source: taliasc / TikTok

TikTok user Talia, who goes by the username Taliasc on the platform, fulfilled a strange but hilarious request one night. Her goofy dad asked her to take him out clubbing. So, she complied. Thankfully for us, she also documented the entire night on TikTok. While the hilarity ensued, we were all in on it. The night went down during a family vacation in one of the party capitals of the world: Madrid, Spain. From wearing a gilet vest to chugging only Diet Coke, Talia was able to capture the most classic "dad moments." He definitely did not disappoint, Comic Sands reports.


We must first discuss her dad's outfit. Talia's father chose to wear a button-up shirt under a striped sweatshirt, a set of glasses to help him take in all the sights of the evening and a gilet vest to complete the outfit. Nonetheless, we must discuss the iconic dad moments the TikTok user captured. When he enters the club, he does a "dad overview" and, of course, snaps a memorable father-daughter selfie to drop in the family group chat. Throughout the night, her dad throws back cans of Diet Coke while everyone else opts for shots of tequila.


In subsequent clips, Talia's father can be seen answering work emails on his smartphone with one hand while proudly fist pumping to the beat of the music with the other. The daughter has dubbed the night as "iconic to say the least," and dozens of other users on the platform are in agreement. Who could disagree, right? One fellow TikTok user commented, "He is the main character and we are just living in his world." Another added, "You let him go with a vest on? Let some of the other guys have a chance." "Emails at the club," one user stated. "Peak productivity."


Others, still, shared how deeply relatable her father was. One TikTok user said, "Based on the video, I have concluded my personality is 'dad in a club.'" Ever since the video was first posted, it has garnered over 10 million views, 2 million likes and nearly 13,000 comments. Even verified accounts like Duolingo and Shake Shack left comments. The former commented, "No, because when the glasses go up, you know it's time to party." The latter shared, "We trust him." And we definitely do too. However, it was not just Talia's dad who shined—her mom had her 15 minutes of fame too.


In a later video Talia posted to TikTok, she features her mom back at the scene of the crime where her dad became an overnight TikTok sensation. In the clip, Talia's mom shoots back tequila and lives it up in Madrid. The TikTok user summarized her mom's video as a way "to make the other moms jealous of her youthful lifestyle." Okay, where do we get cool parents like Talia's?


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