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This talented 9-year-old has a closet full of outfits she has sewn herself

Kaia Aragon, an elementary school student from Colorado, began designing her own clothes in November 2021. She has not stopped since.

This talented 9-year-old has a closet full of outfits she has sewn herself
Image Source: kaiaraedesigns / Instagram

Kaia Aragon is an elementary school student who lives in Colorado. For the past few weeks, she has been impressing people online with her closet of handcrafted clothes. As a young seamstress full of potential, she has even caught the attention of Vera Wang. The designer gifted Aragon her very own sewing machine. Aragon first began making her own clothes in November 2021 and has not stopped since. In the future, she hopes to become a professional fashion designer, My Modern Met reports.


The young girl shares her handmade designs on Instagram, where her growing collection of garments has grabbed the attention of social media users around the world. She poses for a picture in each of her garments, overjoyed to show off her own creations. These outfits range from glamorous dresses made from shimmering fabrics to casual tops to ensembles she can wear while working out. In an interview with "My Modern Met," she revealed where she finds the inspiration for her designs. "My inspiration comes from a different place for every design," she explained. "The one thing that stays the same is that I only use super soft and comfortable fabrics."


Comfort is a rather influential factor for Aragon, who was inspired to design and sew her own clothes because she was so disappointed with the pre-existing selection available for girls her age. The young seamstress stated, "I like making clothes because the fancy dresses in the little girls' sections are so stiff and uncomfortable. With my own clothes, I can be super fashionable but also comfortable at the same time. So I can go to a tea party and then go ride my scooter at the park and not have to change first." According to her, while she has designed dozens of outfits she is proud of, her favorite is a pale pink dress with an opalescent shimmer and subtle design at the hem. She affirmed, "My favorite outfit I [have] made is a white satin dress that I made with fabric that I hand-painted."


In addition to designing and sewing fabulous dresses, Aragon has taken a stab at developing superhero costumes. She designed and assembled a costume like Thor's just in time to watch the new movie "Thor: Love and Thunder" in cinemas. On Instagram, she goes by the username Kaia Rae Designs. Her mother currently helps her handle her social media presence. You can keep up with her latest designs on Instagram by clicking the link here.


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