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This summer marked nine years of friendship between a woman and her sunfish 'Greenie'

The fish looked into the woman's eyes and opened up an all-new realm of wonder.

This summer marked nine years of friendship between a woman and her sunfish 'Greenie'
Cover Image Source: YouTube | Kare11

Some of the most heartwarming friendships are the ones we never see coming—especially when they form between humans and animals. Over nine summers, a lakeside bond blossomed between Holly Jorgensen and a sunfish named Greenie. Each year, their unique friendship deepens, creating a truly marvelous story. According to Kare 11, Greenie eagerly awaits Jorgensen by the dock, ready for their special activities together.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Pixabay
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Pixabay

The friendship between the Minnesota woman and the sunfish is truly one-of-a-kind. It is fun to watch as Greenie comes out for treats whenever Jorgensen calls for her. "Once upon a time a little green sunfish hatched from a little egg in a little nest in a little lake – the same little lake The Girl swam in. He was just one of thousands of eggs, but there was something very special about him," Jorgensen wrote in her book "Greenie and the Girl" describing her favorite fish. In the brief intro to her book that entails the adventures experienced by the woman and the fish, she also shares how it was always her dream to live by the lake in the woods and how she is living it now with her summer friend.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Ian Turnell
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Ian Turnell

In a clip shared by Kare 11's YouTube channel people can see Jorgensen digging for worms as treats for her beloved sunfish. After walking to the dock with the worms, the woman pointed at the fish. While giving him his treats she said, "There he is. Hi, sweetie." Although the woman hadn't planned for the friendship to take place it happened when the green-colored sunfish looked at her. "I've never had a sunfish look at me," the woman revealed. The woman put her hand in the water as Greenie came rushing towards her to get his treat.


"Can you jump," the woman asked. "Here you go," she added as the fish jumped out of the water at her request and took the wiggling worm from her hand. "He sure does seem like a special fish. He just acts different from other fish," Jorgensen pointed out. “Why he in particular recognizes me and looks at me the way he does and follows me around, I don't know. But it's wonderful,” the writer remarked. It's an interesting detail that Greenie grew a liking towards the woman even before she started feeding him as per the outlet.


Every spring the woman is glad to see that her friend with fins has survived another winter. Greenie is also accompanied by a smaller sunfish called Spot and a bass called Slim. However, Greenie and Jorgensen share the closest bond as the two swim together and the fish happily accepts the woman's chin rubs. The adventures of the two aren't completely risk-free though. Jorgensen doesn't disclose the location of the lake and on one occasion she found a metal hook in Greenie's mouth which was a scary sight for her. “I just very, very carefully backed it out and put him back in the water. And then we were both relieved," Jorgensen stated.

Her friendship with Greenie has added immense joy and fun to the woman's life. “People complain about no entertainment, no movies, no bars, no restaurants—I could care less. I've got this," Jorgensen shared. The friendship has opened up a new experience for the woman who said, “It's entering someone else's world.”

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