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Stunning photos show what Disney princesses would look like if they were Black

Regis and Kahran Bethencourt, in collaboration with hairstylist LaChanda Gatson, have created this magical photo series with a strong message.

Stunning photos show what Disney princesses would look like if they were Black
Image Source: Facebook/CreativeSoul Photography

When it comes to diversity in media, there is little to no accurate representation of people of color. A very small percentage of on-screen talent comprises Black people and other people of color. Often even this is reduced to harmful stereotypes. Kids grow up not seeing themselves in their favorite superhero or Disney princess movies. Alec Fields, a junior at Forest Hills High School in Pennsylvania told PBS, "I do think it’s powerful for people of a minority race to be represented in pop culture to really show a message that everybody has a place in this world." 



If no one is making space for you, then you will have to make that space for yourself. And this is exactly what a team of professional photographers decided to do. Regis and Kahran Bethencourt, an Atlanta-based husband and wife team, in collaboration with hairstylist LaChanda Gatson, reimagined Disney Princesses with Black girls. The pictures from this shoot is not only stunning to look at but is also sending across a strong message. "Traditionally, little girls want to be the princesses, but they didn't see themselves represented," Kahran told TODAY. She also noted that over the years, there has been only one black Disney princess, Tiana from The Princess and the Frog. And even she spends most of the film as a frog.



Their Disney Princess series of photos went viral when it was first revealed. Sharing the images via Bethencourt's business, CreativeSoul Photography, they wrote: "The mission was to redefine and reimagine the traditional princess with our own dash of style, culture, and swag." You can even buy prints from the series on their website. Here are the stunning images from the shoot:

1. Princess Garnet




2. Princess Moonstone



3. Princess Amethyst



4. Princess Rose Quartz



5. Princess Citrine



6. Princess Tigers Eye



7. Princess Aquamarine



8. Princess Onyx



9. Princess Amber



10. Princess Jade



11. Princess Emerald



12. Princess Turquoise 



13. Princess Obsidian



14. Princess Diamond



Project Creative Direction and Hair: LaChanda Gatson Artistry
Photographers: CreativeSoul Photography

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