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This senior dog home is a sanctuary where elderly pups can retire in happiness

Doreen Jakubcak started Marty's Place when she lost a senior dog to illness. Now, she gives dozens of other elderly pups a forever home.

This senior dog home is a sanctuary where elderly pups can retire in happiness
Image Source: Facebook/martysplaceseniordogsanctuary

All dogs go to heaven. The lucky ones go to Marty's Place first. Marty's Place Dog Sanctuary is a care home for senior or elderly dogs who do not have elsewhere to live. They provide a safe, loving, and protected environment where the doggos receive the physical and emotional comfort, companionship, and enrichment they need to thrive in their golden years, their website reveals. Located in Upper Freehold Township, New Jersey, this dog care is a non-profit organization for pups aged seven or older. Dogs who go to Marty's Place often find a home for life, Fox News reports.


The home was founded after the owners' own pup Marty passed away. Marty had spent six months in a shelter, "showing no enthusiasm for life," before living in foster homes and doggie day care facilities for the next 18 months. Then, he arrived at founder Doreen Jakubcak's home during a massive snowstorm. Though he was in her life for but a short period of time, he left an everlasting mark on Jakubcak, inspiring her to start Marty's Place in his honor. She gave him a "forever home" where he was loved during the last days of his life. Now, that is what she promises any senior dog at her care home.


"When we commit to a dog that comes to Marty's Place they do have a forever home," Jakubcak stated. "That forever home can be here at the sanctuary and when we can, we try to place a dog into a new adoptive home." While most pups stay for life, some do find loving families who wish to adopt them. At present, Marty’s Place has room for 40 dogs so they can have their own living spaces. Additionally, there is an enclosed in-ground swimming pool for exercise, more than 25 acres of walking trails, a multipurpose room, several lounges for the dogs inside, and a fenced outdoor area where they can play and run around. Of course, there is also an on-site treatment room where dogs who need medical care can be looked after. There are, additionally, some short-term isolation rooms for any dogs who have specific health issues.


While some senior dogs are adopted, the adoption rates are much lower in comparison to those for puppies. That is one of the primary reasons Jakubcak wanted to start Marty's Place. She said, "The chances of an older dog being adopted and leaving a shelter is not as great as for a puppy so we decided we wanted to help senior dogs." Other reasons include medical issues, financial challenges, estate planning provisions, or sadly, relocation. While most of the senior dogs come from pet owners, Marty's Place does take in dogs from other organizations as well. Currently, the senior dog sanctuary is struggling with finances owing to the pandemic. Nonetheless, they have been holding virtual events in order to fundraise for their pups. If you would like to help them by making a donation or volunteering, you can visit their website here.


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