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This senior didn't have candy to hand out on Halloween. So the kids returned with gifts for her.

86-year-old Brenda Burdon received an unexpected gift from trick-or-treaters she had to turn away when she didn't have any candy.

This senior didn't have candy to hand out on Halloween. So the kids returned with gifts for her.
Image Source: FamVeld / Getty Images

A great-grandmother in the United Kingdom was deeply moved when three young children surprised her with gifts this Halloween. While it may seem a little untraditional, the trick-or-treaters came up with the idea when they knocked on the door of her Denton, Newcastle home expecting to receive some candy. Unfortunately, 86-year-old Brenda Burdon did not have any treats to hand out. Instead of being disappointed, little Jessie, Olivia, and Walter ran to a nearby shop in order to pick up some treats for the kind lady. Soon, they returned with their gifts and Burdon was overjoyed by how sweet they were, BBC News reports.


When the children arrived at her door on the day of Halloween, Burdon apologized as she did not have any candy to distribute. Instead of letting the interaction end there, the three children returned the very next day with a pile of gifts for the 86-year-old. They gave her a card, chocolates, as well as a 10 pound note (that is just less than 13 dollars). The card read, "Thank you for being so kind. Hope your life gets better as you go on." When the senior expressed her regret about not having any treats, she recalled that they told her: "It's okay, because sometimes making people happy and getting a nice big smile is reward enough."

The great-grandma and her family were absolutely amazed by the group's actions. To acknowledge their act of kindness, she wanted to give them something too. According to her grandson Danny Parker, she has since purchased some presents as a reward for their generosity. Additionally, she is keen on giving them their 10 pounds back. However, Jessie, Olivia, and Walter are yet to return to collect the gifts Burdon has bought and kept aside for them.

Her grandson shared, "A little later the kids returned with a selection of gifts and a wonderful note that just made her day. I spent a few hours with her that afternoon and she was just lost in happiness that total strangers could leave such a wonderful impression. She is 86 and said this was the best Halloween of her life. The sad part to the happy Halloween story is they never came back a third time for the gifts she had got for them which are still set aside by her front door. The 10 pound note is also waiting because she wants to give it back to them so they can spend it on themselves."

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