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This segment on 'Jimmy Kimmel' proves men know absolutely nothing about female anatomy

Many believe the lack of awareness about the female anatomy stems from inadequate sex education in school.

This segment on 'Jimmy Kimmel' proves men know absolutely nothing about female anatomy
Image Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live / YouTube

During a regular segment on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," hosts from the show took to the streets of Hollywood to ask men what they knew about the female body. As it turns out, the answer is - pretty much nothing. From believing a NuvaRing was a pap smear, to sharing that women had six ovaries, men were pretty confused and ignorant about what should be considered the basics of female anatomy. The segment was posted to YouTube, where it currently has over 220,000 views and hundreds of comments. While many were disappointed to see how unaware men were, they were not surprised.

Over four men were of the understanding that women have more than one uterus, and several had absolutely no idea how many fallopian tubes they have (the right answer is two). When asked to point out where the cervix and vagina were on an anatomically correct diagram, several of those interviewed simply pointed at random areas, unsure of their answers. Most notably, when asked where the cervix was on a diagram, one man responded, "Is it on here?" In another interview, the host asked a man to point to the stuff he knew. Rather than admitting he did not know anything on the diagram, he just made stuff up.


A particularly notable part of the segment was when the show interviewed a man married to an OBGYN. Not only was he unable to accurately identify parts of the female anatomy on a diagram, but he did not even know what "OBGYN" stands for (the acronym combines the closely related disciplines of obstetrics and gynecology). In response to the latter, his wife said sarcastically while rolling her eyes, "It's just my profession. it's no big deal." Thankfully, for some much-needed humor and a quick humbling, the host asked the man, "Real quick, will you just point to the *sshole?" At which point, he rightly pointed to himself.

Of course, they cannot be held fully accountable for their ignorance. The lack of awareness among men about female anatomy is also a result of poor sex education in schools across the United States and elsewhere. One YouTube user pointed out in the comments section. "This sure speaks to the sad state of sex education in the United States, as well as the value placed on understanding women's bodies." Another person highlighted that the segment displayed why decision-making regarding women's health was so poor. They wrote, "And all the doofuses making political decisions about women’s reproductive autonomy should have to pass at least this type of basic test."


On the other hand, some pointed out that the segment could not really be conclusive about whether or not most if not all men were equally clueless about female anatomy. After all, the show is interested in presenting the funniest responses rather than the truth. Therefore, it may be interesting to conduct a study on similar grounds in order to identify the gaps in learning among men as well as between all genders. It is likely that many may be unaware of how their own bodies function as well. As one person noted, "I'm curious to know how many people answered correctly out of the total they asked."


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