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This rapper just donated the bras thrown to him on stage to a domestic violence shelter

Domestic violence shelters are always on the lookout for donations. Missouri rapper Tech N9ne made one his local shelter won't forget.

This rapper just donated the bras thrown to him on stage to a domestic violence shelter
Image Source: Instagram / Getty Images

It's not every day that you hear a satirical rap song about breasts creating a positive impact on society at large. However, Missouri rapper Tech N9ne has defied all the odds. His song 'Areola,' an ironic take on the oversexualized way that women's bodies are portrayed in mainstream media—rap songs especially—encourages women to show off their breasts. This has, as he probably should have expected, caused women to throw their bras at him as he performs on stage at his concerts. Instead of letting all those good bras go to waste, Tech N9ne decided to put them to good use.


The rapper decided to donate all the bras to a domestic violence shelter. For those unaware, victims of sexual assault more often than not undergo tedious and difficult examinations once they have experienced an assault. Their clothes, including their bra and underwear, are confiscated and placed into evidence. They are then forced to wear whatever the shelter or hospital stocks. In other cases, women simply do not have access to bras. As most women probably know, bras, especially well-fitting ones, are expensive. When you live in a shelter, they can be difficult to come by as well. Therefore, bra donations are always appreciated at a domestic violence shelter.


With this in mind, Tech N9ne decided to make a positive difference. He collected all the bras that get thrown onto his stage during his performances at concerts and made a huge donation to help women living at a domestic violence shelter. So if you wear bras and are looking for a place to donate your old ones, follow in Tech N9ne's footsteps. Local charities and shelters in your area are probably on the lookout for bra donations as well. Organizations such as I Support the Girls, Free the Girls, and Bra Recyclers are also excellent places to make bra donations.


Tech N9ne, unlike some mainstream rappers, often covers dark, tough, and bizarre themes. His music and lyrics discuss both difficult personal issues as well as large social issues that affect our communities. Therefore, it is really no surprise that he would reach out and do something so ingenious with the bras that get thrown at him. Now, if only every big musician or artist followed suit and did the same, we probably would see a lot of happy women and domestic violence survivors at shelters across the whole country.


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