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This weirdo likes showering with his socks on and now the internet must die

After confessing that they enjoy showers only when they wear socks, this Reddit user broke the internet.

This weirdo likes showering with his socks on and now the internet must die

Listen, I know that people have some weird tastes and opinions. Some of us like pineapple on our pizzas (which is, like, clearly wrong). Others like to eat KitKat bars by simply munching down rather than eating each individual bar (also, clearly wrong). However, there are some people out there who truly just want to watch the world burn. Sure, you can have your weird daddy kinks and furry fetishes, but this Reddit user has made the whole internet collectively band together against the greatest evil in this world: wet socks. When user Cynicallogic took to the Reddit forum "Unpopular Opinion" to talk about how much he loves showering with socks on, a little bit of my faith in humanity died. And honestly, I don't think I'll ever recover from reading this absolutely cursed post.


They started off with the title of their post: Taking showers with your socks on is so much better than not. I should have stopped there, but I was too curious to not continue. Like watching a vehicle pileup that's burst into flames on the highway, I simply could not look away. The user explained: I almost always shower with my socks on. It just feels more relaxing, I don’t really like the feeling of water below my feet. Having socks on, even light ones, feels like a nice towel to put around my feet when I’m showering. It’s just better this way. I’ve done this since I was like, eight, and I don’t ever plan on changing it. When I told my friends about it they all said it was really weird. I just think it is more comfortable, relaxing, and overall a better experience.

I'm sorry, but what the frack? I don't think all the words in the English language could ever express just how much I want to vomit right now. Stepping into a puddle of water with my socks on and having to just exist in wet socks is the greatest first world problem to date but this MANIAC willingly showers in wet socks?! The world has gone to hell, my friends. We must repent for our sins. Thankfully, I wasn't the only one completely taken aback by this awful confession (that could only have come from an absolute monster. A monster, I tell you!). Others, too, expressed their disgust and shock in the comments section.

Areyousayingpanorpam wrote: I'm sorry your parents didn't love you enough. Inasgarden warned: I'm calling the police. As they rightly should, of course, but Jimmyjrdanceparty suggested: Forget the police, we need the FBI. This person is a domestic terrorist. Meanwhile, some users wondered how Cynicallogic cleaned their feet — that is, if they cleaned them at all. Unfortunately, the original poster didn't respond, so we can only be left wondering. They did, however, clear up another burning question: What did they do with the wet socks after the shower? Cynicallogic answered: I hang them up to dry off. They’re usually in a lit room, I’ve had a few socks mildew, but it’s worth it for me. I enjoy my showers more, and I’ve learned that mildew isn’t super common as long as you don’t bunch the shit up in a disgusting pile. But yeah, I have had to throw away socks, which sucks but to me, I buy socks in like packs of 10 for cheap so the satisfaction is worth it. Mildew? Yikes.  Well, it's time for us to just burn the internet, I guess. See y'all whenever I've bleached my mind clean of the memory of this cursed Reddit post. Please wash your feet. For the love of God, please.

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