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This online retailer sells blood to fake virginity so I guess we're in the 1800s now

An e-retailer on Amazon from the 1800s has somehow found a time travel machine in order to sell their weird virginity blood to perpetuate misconceptions about hymens.

This online retailer sells blood to fake virginity so I guess we're in the 1800s now

If learning about how music producer T.I. accompanies his daughter to the gynecologist in order to make sure her hymen is "intact" wasn't enough, here's something else that will make you feel like you've been transported back to the 1800s. An online retailer on Amazon sells fake blood for people with vaginas to use when they want to fake their virginity. Due to the misconception that the hymen "breaks" or tears open and therefore bleeds when someone first has sex, this product is supposed to be a way to convince a partner of the user's virginity. Needless to say, this is all kinds of messed up.


Let's start with the basics first: that's not even how hymens work. Hymens can tear due to any sort of physical activity. If you're a hardcore athlete, say, a professional cyclist, you've probably torn your hymen by working up a sweat on your bicycle. Lots of other rigorous activities can be a reason for the hymen to tear too. And sure, one of these activities is penetrative sex, but if you bleed during sex (which can happen your first, second, one-hundredth time) that means the vagina hasn't been lubricated enough to allow something to enter it. And honestly, if you're with someone who thinks all vaginas bleed during the "first time," it's probably pretty difficult to get wet anyway.


Now, second of all, to build on that — virginity in and of itself is a social construct. There's no real, tangible way to make sure that someone is a virgin. And if you could, then how do you tell that someone with a penis is a virgin? Ding ding ding. You can't! And that's because virginity was made up in order to suppress women (who are stereotypically thought to be the only ones to have vaginas) and their desires. If everything in a woman's life is controlled and dominated by the patriarchy, surely the men couldn't let women's sex lives be left casually unattended to.


The sad thing is that despite all these scientific, factual, medically-backed findings, our culture simply does not seem to change. We are, as a culture, so focused on women and how to subjugate them. But how do you win in a patriarchal society, anyway? If you've never slept with someone, you're a prude. But if you have, you're a slut or a whore or whatever new term of endearment they're peddling these days. And when vagina-havers do bleed, naturally, without violence, that's disgusting, taboo, and unacceptable. It's time to regulate something else other than vaginas, like our cultural ideologies, people.


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