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This officer was fatally shot when she tried to save a woman's life on a domestic violence call

Officer Breann Leath leaves behind a legacy of helping others with a selfless attitude. A mother, veteran, and daughter of a public servant, she will be missed.

This officer was fatally shot when she tried to save a woman's life on a domestic violence call
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Officer Breann Leath, 24, was a part of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. While she was responding to a domestic violence call on the east side on Thursday afternoon, she was unfortunately shot and killed, Fox 59 reports. A man has been arrested in connection with her murder, but the investigation is ongoing. A well-respected officer, a loving mother, and the daughter of a Marion County Sheriff’s Deputy, Officer Leath was a kindhearted woman who served her community selflessly. She will be deeply missed by those in her department as she leaves behind a legacy of selflessness.




The officer attended to the domestic violence call with two fellow colleagues. The trio rushed to an apartment complex in the area of 21st Street and North Franklin Road on the east side. The shots that took Leath's life were fired "through the structure" of the complex, according to IMPD Chief Randal Taylor. Both Officer Leath and a female civilian were shot and taken immediately to the nearby Eskanazi Hospital. Sadly, once Leath arrived at the hospital, she was pronounced dead. The civilian on the other hand has sustained minor, non-life-threatening injuries. "Today we mourn the loss of a strong, well-respected police officer," Chief Randal stated. "An officer who had the desire to be a police officer since she was a child."



At present, the police have arrested a man accused to have murdered Leath. 27-year-old Elliahs Dorsey now faces preliminary charges of murder and attempted murder in connection with the shooting that resulted in the officer's untimely death. The accused does not have a prior criminal record. The investigation and court proceedings are ongoing, but messages of condolence have come flooding in for Officer Leath and her family. In addition to being a dedicated police officer, she was a veteran of the Army National Guard and a mother. She was also the daughter of a Marion County Sheriff’s Deputy and a 911 dispatcher. Therefore, serving her community was in her blood.



Chief Taylor said, "Officer Leath was kind and loving as a mother of a young child herself. She is the daughter of a family that’s been devoted to public safety and a life long resident of Indianapolis. She’s described as a dedicated officer who showed compassion for the community. She is an example of the type of officer we want [in] this department." Indeed, she was an example for all. Soon after she joined the IMPD, she surprised a mother who lived on the east side with Christmas gifts after she had confided in Leath that she couldn’t afford any. These acts of kindness, however, were not rare.



Leath often gave back to her community out of the goodness of her heart. When she responded to the call of a 79-year-old man who had been robbed of thousands of dollars, she picked up a meal from his favorite restaurant to surprise him and cheer him up. One day, when she was on patrol, she met a young man who told her he was taking culinary classes at Warren Central High School. On her off time, she went to visit him and try out his cooking. She once met a young boy on a call last year and let him take a tour of her police car. She even gave him a coloring book to enjoy. She will be deeply missed for how selfless and caring she was. Mayor Joe Hogsett thus ordered the city's flags to be flown at half-staff in her honor. "For so many of us, danger is a thing to be avoided. Not so for officer Breann Leath," he affirmed. "Rather than turn away, officer Leath turns toward the danger. She heard the call and she went bravely toward that which could do her harm."



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