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This mom wants her son who died of COVID to be remembered: 'He was a loving little boy'

Aged six, Ethan Govan passed away on September 19. Now, his mother Sharon Snowden Huff wants to keep his memory alive.

This mom wants her son who died of COVID to be remembered: 'He was a loving little boy'
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Ethan Govan, six years old, was a student at Stoney Creek Elementary School in Charlotte, North Carolina. Unfortunately, the little boy passed away on September 19 after contracting COVID-19. Now, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools community following the first-grader's death. Young Ethan's mother, Sharon Snowden Huff, wants to ensure her son is remembered. According to information from Mecklenburg County Public Health, there have been two pediatric deaths from the virus reported this year. As the pandemic continues and children become susceptible to new strains of the Coronavirus, the six-year-old's passing is a reminder of how important it is to keep expressing caution, WBTV reports.


"He loved to have fun," his mother shared in an interview with the news outlet. "He didn’t let anything stop him or slow him down. He was just all around a very loving and sweet boy." Huff said he always lived life to the fullest and that she will never forget her son's smile. As she prepared to lay her little son to rest, she hoped her classmates would keep his precious memory alive too. She stated, "Just remember how much fun [he had], and how much he enjoyed life, and let it live through them."


As per Public Health Director Gibbie Harris, there was evidence indicating that underlying conditions were factors in both pediatric deaths reported this year (the first of which was reported this past spring). "There are situations where children are being exposed that do not have the ability to fight this off, and we can see from last week how dangerous this virus can be," she explained. "It is incredibly unfortunate in our community, and we all need to be part of the solution to keep things from happening like this in the future." The public health official relayed that 30 percent of all COVID-19 cases in the United States at present are among children.


While she still recommended in-person learning, Harris reiterated the importance of wearing a mask and getting children vaccinated once they become eligible. In the meantime, the principal of Stoney Creek Elementary School has sent out a letter to parents, informing them that a student recently lost his life due to the Coronavirus. Staff at the school is also working with the elementary school children and parents in order to provide emotional support to those who require it. Harris added that parents with any concerns could call the health department for more information.


A funeral for Ethan took place on October 2, with friends, family, and loved ones sharing adorable photos of little Ethan online. They also shared fond memories and expressions of sympathy for the Govan family. His grieving mother writes, "Ethan loved going to the park, Mickey Mouse, PJ Mask, Power Rangers, Roblox, his iPad, Bumblebee the transformer and being in front of the camera. He was the life of any room that he was in. He was also a little flirt. He enjoyed going to school. He was very smart and charming."


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