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This mom finds ingenious way to end bedtime tantrums with a simple hack: 'Good job mama'

The mother can be seen offering the child two flashcards and many felt this also provided the child with agency on choosing what they like.

This mom finds ingenious way to end bedtime tantrums with a simple hack: 'Good job mama'
Cover Image Source: Tiktok | @alishadenke

Putting children to sleep is no easy task. They sometimes want to play at that time or sometimes are so sleepy that they get cranky. So, a mom called Alisha Denke found a middle path. She allowed her son to choose what he wanted to do, however, both eventually led to bedtime. In the Tiktok video, there is a text overlay that reads, “Not everyone will agree, but as adults, we also have these options.” After this, the mother can be seen giving the child two flashcards. “These are your options, look I’ll put them in order for you just the way you like it A or B, you can have a bath, snack, brush your teeth, potty, Netflix and sleep or you are gonna have shower, brush and floss, storytime, cuddles, potty, and sleep. How are you feeling tonight?  You feel like cuddles, or Netflix and bed.”

Tiktok | @alishadenke
Tiktok | @alishadenke


The child responds, “I feel like Netflix and bed." Denke says, “So if you’re feeling like Netflix and bed, maybe you need a bath, then a snack, brush teeth, potty, Netflix, and sleep, yeah?” The video concludes with the mother saying, “Alright my guy, A it is.”

Tiktok | @alishadenke
Tiktok | @alishadenke


The video went viral with more than 4,45,000 views and 65,600 likes. It is titled, “I don’t like tantrums at bedtime.” People on the platform loved Alisha’s parenting skills. A user said, “This makes my heart happy. You're allowing him agency in his choices, meeting all his needs, while also providing a schedule A 10/10 parent!” Another user said, “I love this. Giving them 2 options makes them feel like they’re in control even tho they’re not 😅🥰 you’re an amazing mom babe.” Denke replied, “Yes, & thank you! Mindfulness is something we practice with our babes.” Another said, “My girls would always choose YouTube before bed. So, we negotiate and cuddle while we watch a video together before going to sleep.”

Tiktok | @alishadenke
Tiktok | @alishadenke


After this video was liked by so many users on Tiktok, Denke made a video on other parenting tactics, including “Kitchen Rules” and “Bathroom Rules” which were made to make her son more independent. The Kitchen Rules read: “Make sure an adult is around before you cook”, “Wash your hands really well”, “If you’re cooking with fruits and veggies, wash them really well,” etc. The bathroom rules were all about brushing teeth, flushing, putting down the seat, and leaving the bathroom clean. She also mentioned that her 4-year-old son can already read and write.

A user said, “That’s amazing. Good job mama. You are doing such a good job with those babies. Don’t let ANYONE try to tell you otherwise.” To which Denke replied, “Thank you. I’m trying. 🥰 Means a lot. I really don’t feel appreciated most days as a stay-at-home. So thank you ❤️much love.”

Another wrote, “Absolutely love this idea! Thanks so much for creating this! I have a 2-year-old that struggles with going to bed so altering it to pictures sounds like it would help us due to his age. You’re doing a great job 👏” The video is titled, “Idk.. But he picked B the day after..”

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