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This model raised $700,000 for the Australian bushfires — by selling her nude photos

Kaylen Ward offered those who donated $10 to bushfire relief projects in Australia a nude photo of herself. Within hours, she raised thousands of dollars.

This model raised $700,000 for the Australian bushfires — by selling her nude photos
Image Source: vizualni, Getty Images / Evacuations Begin Following East Gippsland Bushfires. MALLACOOTA, AUSTRALIA - JANUARY 02. (Photo by Darrian Traynor/Getty Images)

Before you read this article, let's get one thing straight — sex work is work. But sex workers, no matter what kind, don't always get the same kind of respect or empathy that other employees do. That's simply because their work is so deeply connected to our ideas of morality, ethics, and values. One model, however, is determined to change our outdated mindsets. Taking to Twitter, "The Naked Philanthropist" (as she calls herself) made an announcement. She told all of Twitter that she would send one nude photo of herself to every person who made a $10 donation to a fundraiser dedicated to the unprecedented wildfires currently blazing through Australia.


For those unaware, Australia has been on fire for the past few weeks. Bushfires that normally occur during the season have intensified at an exponential rate. Therefore, the country's resources have been put to the test; firefighters, animal doctors, and emergency service providers have been working overtime in order to protect both citizens as well as wildlife. Without a doubt, it has been a trying time for the nation. In light of Australia's desperation, an outpouring of help has come in from the international community. From famous celebrities donating money to the thousands of social media posts being uploaded every minute by people across the world, everyone has been trying to chip in and help out.


One such kind individual is Kaylen Ward, a sex worker who goes by the username Lilearthangelk on Twitter. She took to the social media platform to make an offer. Uploading a screenshot of a list of fundraisers for the Australia wildfires, she wrote, I’m sending nudes to every person who donates at least $10 to any one of these fundraisers for the wildfires in Australia. [For] every $10 you donate, [you will receive] one nude picture from me to your [direct messages]. You must send me confirmation that you donated. As one would assume, the post almost immediately went viral. Since it was first posted on January 4, the tweet has received over 3,000 likes. It has also been retweeted over 66,400 times.


Because of how viral the tweet went, Ward was able to raise an estimated $700,000 in donations for relief efforts in Australia. While one would assume that she got major flak for her initiative, the feedback she received was mostly positive. One Twitter user, highlighting the Australian government's inaction, responded, "She’s doing more work out here than their government [is]." An Australian citizen posted, "Thank you so much! It means a lot to see people all over the world doing things to help my country. I'm so scared right now but your kindness and generosity mean more than you know." Another added, "Dayum, maybe we can save Australia after all." And honestly, maybe we can.



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