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Toddler hilariously trolls his model uncle by recreating his smoldering pictures

Katina Behm, who is Polites' older sister, says everyone in her family loves the pictures and now it's garnering attention online as well.

Toddler hilariously trolls his model uncle by recreating his smoldering pictures
Image source: Instagram/ babyandthebody

Aristotle Polites has worked his way up to becoming a model but it appears he's already being outdone by his toddler nephew. Polites' Instagram is filled with amazing pictures from his modeling but his sister is trolling him by dressing up her son to match his photos. Katina Behm, who is Polites' older sister, shares a great relationship with her sibling and they are always trying to prank each other. It's fair to say Behm has won this round. It all started when she struggled to get her son Augie into his plaid button-up shirt. “The image of him with the shirt undone and his bare chest exposed made me laugh because he looked like he belonged on the cover of a romance novel,” she said, reported Huffington Post. “I took a picture and then realized I bet my brother Aris has a picture just like this on his Instagram page which is filled with modeling photos.” 



As she ran through his Instagram account, she found a similar photo taken by photographer Royce Bugarin. She recreated a side-by-side image of Augie and Polites. She then sent it to her family group and asked, “Who wore it better?” Everyone loved it and the reactions were amazing and that's when she decided to create toa separate page of Augie imitating her uncle — @babyandthebody. As she started posting more and more pictures the page's following grew exponentially. The page now has 64,000 followers. Polites was tickled by the project and often posts pictures from the page on his personal account as well. Behm adds that they have the same sense of humor. “My brother and I get along great,” she said. “We’ve always had a great younger brother/older sister relationship, lots of poking fun!”



Behm said she's incredibly proud of her brother but added that it's hard to not poke a little fun every once in a while. “Some of his modeling pictures are hilarious, but he doesn’t take himself too seriously which is good because I get such a kick out of recreating them with Augie,” she said. Behm added that her toddler makes the call on recreating pictures. If he's not interested in doing it, she lets it slide. Beham added that he got really excited when they restarted recreating images after a break. Polites is also godfather to Behm's daughter, Delphi, who's Augie’s twin. “The moment I propped him up against the nursery wall where a lot are taken he got all excited because he remembered that we take pictures like that sometimes,” recalled Behm.



One person who's really into the project is Behm’s 88-year-old grandmother. Behm sends the images via email to her as her grandmother doesn't use social media. “She answers, ‘Is it time?!’ and races upstairs to check her email with me on the phone so we can laugh together,” said Behm. She posts every image with the question: Who wore it better? While there are a lot of admirers for Polites, at the end of the day there's only one winner — Augie.











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