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This man rescued a goldfish from a garden to save its life and the internet is in awe

The journey of a fish that came out of nowhere in a garden has left people in amazement at the situation.

This man rescued a goldfish from a garden to save its life and the internet is in awe
Cover Image Source: X | @Beska

It isn't unusual to find an abandoned or lost cat or dog outside your house. Ever thought of finding a goldfish? A man Ben Beska who goes by @Beska on X found a goldfish outside his garden and decided to keep it. His story has the internet hooked. In a few days, the post has received over 24.1 million views and 211k likes. No one knows how the goldfish reached the garden, but quite a few hilarious things happened after it mysteriously landed there.


Beska shared a photo of the goldfish lying on the grass and wrote, "So today I found a goldfish just on the grass in my back garden. It was alive, I think, and have absolutely no idea where it came from. There are no ponds anywhere near. So I took it inside." In a surprising turn of events, the fish managed to live on after the man took it in. In an update, Beska shared a video of the fish swimming around in a glass box filled with water. He funnily explained, "It was alive! Although not very happy in an old freezer drawer." The fish seemed to be bopping its mouth repeatedly to just one side of the freezer drawer to express its displeasure.


In the next video, Beska shared that he ended up keeping the fish. The video of the fish in an actual fish tank was captioned, "Much happier in an actual and hastily bought tank. Anyway, I have a fish now." The man seemed to be ecstatic about finding the fish and even more glad about the fact that it managed to live. He named the fish "Alice or Lazarus or The Fish Who Lived." In another update, Beska joked, "Repeat after me: a hastily bought, temporary tank is better for a goldfish than lying dead on the grass."


People in the comments section of the thread had quite a few pointers for Beska while others wondered where the goldfish must have come from. Above everything, people were invested and wanted to know what was happening. @LansleyA commented, "Possibly caught by a bird from a local pond and then accidentally dropped as it flew over your garden?" The man joked that it walked into his garden. @HazelAppleyard_ shared their own story and wrote, "My cat brought a similar one home a few years ago. It was still alive. Put it in the bathtub and went knocking on the local doors till I found the owner LOL and gave him his fish back in a bucket."


@DrStrangetwit hilariously added, "Watch that it doesn't suddenly grow into some kind of draconic serpent tomorrow... Once it appears, it goes on a rampage. It remains enraged until it demolishes everything around it." @anwit07 wondered, "I have heard many stories of cats who just show up; yesterday I saw a post on 2 peahens who arrived; I even found a tiny turtle in my pasture once...but a goldfish just showing up is a level above!" While @MikeDavisss explained, "Goldfish are crap. They will eat anything that fits into their mouth. They’ll also choke on that gravel and die."




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