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This machine reveals the mind-boggling differences in pay between employees and CEOs

While the financial strain due to lower pay is known to many, the results of the minimum wage machine still managed to shock many with the drastic difference.

This machine reveals the mind-boggling differences in pay between employees and CEOs
Cover Image Source: Blake Fall Conroy

Several people in the job market are having a challenging time due to the minimum wage problem and the overburdening workload. Employees are not happy with their salaries, which has brought much financial strain. While many are unaware of this dilemma, Luna’s Blog shared an eye-opening post about the minimum wage scenario and it is beyond comprehension. Blake Fall Conroy created a real-time "minimum wage machine" so employees could get paid at least the minimum wage for their services. It began as an experiment to get an idea of the minimum wage and required people to keep turning the crank.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Pixabay
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Pixabay

The user would be paid hourly in pennies depending on the minimum wage, provided they kept turning the crank. Luna decided to add to the experiment and found some shocking results. The user shared that there was a minimum youth wage for US youngsters. "Then I got curious and added some CEOs for comparison," she said and had found "vast disparity." Sharing a list of numbers further down, it was evident that the minimum wage rates had a drastic difference. While the wage rate for US employees stands at $7.25 per hour, CEOs are receiving bigger chunks of dollars.

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The minimum wage rate for US youth is $4.25 per hour. However, CEOs have their pockets filled with thousands of dollars per hour. Luna also shared numbers of famous CEOs to show the unsettling difference. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, earns a whopping $13,033.85 per hour and the numbers increase within seconds. Reed Hastings, the CEO of Netflix, earns $24,554.85 per hour. The change in the length of the numbers explains the disparity and adds to it. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple and Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, are at the top with high minimum wage rates at $47,798.12 per hour and $108,646.70 per hour, respectively. While Luna clarifies that there are expected changes in the wage rates, nothing beats the increasing differences in the amounts.


She further updated the blog to share that the numbers are expected to be different given the compensations and other fiscal measures CEOs usually take. "The counters indicate the CEOs' total compensation for the fiscal year ending in 2022," the user wrote. She also offered a detailed breakdown of the same. "Though considering this article is being published in 2024, and the US Federal Minimum Wage was last changed in 2009, perhaps that number’s still accurate. Now there’s a depressing thought,” she added.

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The blog, which was reposted on Reddit by u/Ask-About-My-Cat, received several comments after employees realized the humongous disparity. u/On5thDayLookForTeBow said, “Yeah, this is sad to see. By the time I scrolled to the bottom, the Google CEO made more than I did in 2 weeks.” u/SoundManBlue1988 said, “I just worked 8 hours. The CEO made what it took me to make in 8 hours in less than 30 seconds.” The individual said, “I’m reminded of that 'Boss makes a dollar, I make a dime' except it’s 'boss makes several hundred dollars, I make a dime.'"

Image Source: Reddit/u/TrollTeeth66
Image Source: Reddit | u/TrollTeeth66
Image Source: Reddit/u/Beachybeachface
Image Source: Reddit | u/Beachybeachface

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