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This kind 7-year-old is making & delivering care packages to the elderly: 'I got their back'

Little Cavanaugh is the "Chief Positivity Creator" at his own non-profit, Cool & Dope. He used his savings to help the elderly during the outbreak.

This kind 7-year-old is making & delivering care packages to the elderly: 'I got their back'
Image Source: LOVE > COVID-19 Community Pantry / GoFundMe

When seven-year-old Cavanaugh Bell realized his grandmother, who is 74 years old, was part of a high-risk group that is more vulnerable to COVID-19, he wanted to reach out and help his "best friend." Therefore, he went on a grocery run for his grandma. That's when he realized that other elderly folks like her may not be lucky enough to have someone to do their shopping for them. As a means to help them out, he used his savings from special occasions to make and deliver care packages to senior citizens in need in his neighborhood of Gaithersburg, Maryland. He said he wants them to know he's "got their back," CNN reports.



"One day I was thinking about my grandma and I was like 'Oh, mommy she shouldn't be going out to the grocery store because it's Coronavirus season. She's my best friend,'" the caring child explained in an interview with CNN. While he was happy he could help his grandmother, it was when he thought about the other elderly folks in his area that he began to worry. His mom Llacey Simmons said, "He was so heartbroken that he didn't have enough to give to everyone." So she decided to ask him if he would like to use some of his savings to build care packages for the senior citizens he wanted to help.



"I asked him how much money he wanted to use from his savings-- $50 or $100?" She shared. "He's like 'let's use all of it.'" With $600 of savings that he had received over several birthdays and Christmases, he made and delivered more than 100 care packages. After giving away all the care packages, Cavanaugh discovered there was some money was left over from his savings. Instead of pocketing whatever was left, he decided to deliver hot meals to others in need. "[I want] to help other people and let them know that I got their back," the little one affirmed. With this in mind, he isn't stopping anytime soon. Though he may have exhausted his savings, news of his good deeds has spread across his community. When people heard about his initiative, they all wanted to get involved.



Therefore, donations came pouring in for the seven-year-old and his project. What started out as an act of kindness, has now become a form of outreach. Nonetheless, only Cavanaugh and his mom make the deliveries. Llacey explained, "We aren't allowed to gather in large groups." As the donations continue to flow in, the mother-son duo has started a community care pantry in Gaithersburg. They have even set up a GoFundMe fundraiser where those wishing to donate can do so. The young boy stated, "It makes me feel beautiful inside because I like giving back." His mom added, "Hopefully we can help a thousand people. We plan to do this until we run out of donations or until the pandemic is over."



Cavanaugh likes giving back so much, in fact, that he even set up his nonprofit organization. Cool & Dope, which the seven-year-old started after he was bullied as a way to stop other children from feeling "a darkness inside of them," raises awareness about various issues and shows the world that kids can have a meaningful impact on the world around - no matter their age. Cavanaugh is now asking for $10,000 in donations through his nonprofit in order to keep the community pantry fully-stocked for those in need. He affirmed, "With your love and my passion to give back, I know we can do it! No donation is too small to help." To make a donation, you can visit his GoFundMe page.



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