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This little kid watching the game and imitating his dad will make your day

The kid can be avidly watching the game beside his dad and then reacting when something important happens in the game.

This little kid watching the game and imitating his dad will make your day
Cover Image Source: Reddit | @u/mindyour

Children often imitate their parents - in the way they talk or how they behave with others. But this video of a child imitating his father while watching a game on television is another level of cuteness. In the video uploaded on Reddit, the child understands that something major happens in the game. He rejoices at the beginning of the video but as soon as he realizes his father is unhappy, he also puts his hands on his head exactly like his father. 

People on the platform just couldn't stop talking about the child's response. A user wrote, "This is the greatest! Mistake. Greatest mistake. We're very upset about this." Another wrote, "Awww little buddy was so excited, then looked at dad and was like "wait I'm doing it wrong". Love it." Another said, "This was me when my dad watched football. I'd always get surprised/scared when he shouted aloud in excitement but played along with him. Such wholesome times." The video is titled, "watching the game with dad" with 28,700 upvotes and more than 2000 comments.  

Reddit | @mindyour
Reddit | @mindyour


In another heart-warming video posted on Reddit, a child is seen showing affection towards his father. The child is recording a video on Taylor Swift’s “Love Story.” The video is titled, "Boy thinks he's recording his dad" and has more than 150,000 upvotes. In the beginning, it seems like the child was recording his father but he was recording himself the whole time. The child is seen smiling in awe of his father’s skills. The video was originally posted on TikTok account @jarah30, with a text overlay saying, "I asked my son to hold my phone and record me, wait for his reaction!" 

Reddit | @u/BBQing4Life
Reddit | @u/BBQing4Life


A user commented, "Ok, I thought it was cheesy at first but the look of joy and adoration on that child’s face made me 😭. My sons are grown now but those of you with young ones, savor those eyes filled with pure love😍 Then live a life worthy of them." Another user commented, "It all goes too fast. The saying 'the days are long, but the years are short' is incredibly true. I just saw a FB post from 9 years ago of my youngest baby 'talking' to his great-grandpa. It's been nine years, in some ways it feels like yesterday." Another user said, "Father and son. Treasure this forever. What a beautiful boy. He is so handsome. It makes me miss when my 25-year-old was young."


Another parent also shared a similar view, "Damnit you made me tear up after my 8-year-old just pissed me off. I'm all messed up now! Hugs and kisses for everyone 😭” A user shared their own experience, "My beautiful boy is now 22. My favorite photo of him is of him when he was 2 and a half, looking exactly like this at me. My lad still loves his mum to bits, but I do miss those adoring, utterly joyful looks! My daughter is now 18 and off to uni too. What I'd give to have those days back - treasure every moment!"

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