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This is why 3,000 people dressed up in dinosaur costumes and gathered in one place

A group of over 3,000 dinosaur enthusiasts gathered in Drumheller, Alberta, to break a record.

This is why 3,000 people dressed up in dinosaur costumes and gathered in one place
Cover Image Source: YouTube | Global News

Scoring a spot in the Guinness World Records can be easier and more fun than you might think.

Often, setting a record involves not just strength and determination, but also a splash of creativity. According to Guinness World Records, 252 people donned inflatable dinosaur costumes and assembled in the Los Angeles, California area on January 26, 2019 to establish the largest-ever dino costumed gathering. This record stood until over 3,000 dinosaur enthusiasts gathered in Drumheller, Alberta, Canada, to shatter it.


The participants had to follow one simple rule, wear full-body dinosaur costumes, including a headpiece and the dinosaur's body, per My Modern Met. Ride-on style dinosaur costumes were excluded from the event.

The vibrant spectacle of over 3,000 people arriving in dino costumes quickly went viral online. Participants enjoyed a variety of activities while setting a world record.

There was live music to entertain the crowd and games people could engage in while showcasing their best dance moves.

Drumheller was chosen for its self-proclaimed status as the "world capital of dinosaurs." @traveldrumheller, the Instagram page that captures the best of the best attractions of the area, shared a video of the event that got a lot of love and appreciation from the people. Global News also captured the event along with other local travel pages.


"While we may have to wait for the official tally, that won’t stop the party!" the video was captioned as the viewers can witness the dino party continuing in full swing. @jojokw suggested in the comments, "Can this just be a yearly thing? Just saying." @thespiritwithindrumheller wrote, "Loved it and loved that it was such a rip-roaring good time for all." @hotroddinmama addressed an individual who might have organized the event and shared, "Kerri! (Carey? Karie) You are an absolute gem of a human being for coming up with this epic day. The memories made today will last our lifetimes, and what an incredibly genius way to bring all that business to town! We were so happy waking up in Drumheller and unleashing our dino mayhem all over town."

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Drumheller is home to some fascinating dinosaur fossils that have been carefully preserved, per Travel Alberta. Drumheller's Royal Tyrrell Museum boasts one of the world's finest fossil collections, including five Guinness World Record-holding specimens. It has the fossil of the marine reptile ever found on display along with Albertonectes vanderveldei, the longest-necked animal. They also have the most complete tyrannosaurid skeleton ever found in history and the best-preserved ornithomimid dinosaur skeleton.

Drumheller is not just famed for its well-preserved prehistoric remains of the dinosaurs, but the Drumheller Valley has a major tourist attraction called Tyra. It is a 26-meter-tall, fiberglass and steel statue, which is about 4½ times larger than a real T-Rex. It was unveiled in the Drumheller Valley in 2020 to commemorate the anniversary of the 20-year-old dinosaur statue that helped bring more tourism to the small community, per CBC News.


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