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This innovative design by architecture firm gives people a look into the buildings of future

The design focuses on a combination of innovation, aesthetics and sustainability to give people an ideal space to live in.

This innovative design by architecture firm gives people a look into the buildings of future
Cover Image Source: Facebook | On-A

If someone who lived about a century ago were to see our world today, they would probably be quite surprised. The skyscrapers and distinctive structures are unique to our era. Similarly, we might be surprised too if we were to see a building of the future. A design by a Barcelona-based architecture firm called ON-A is a peek into what the buildings of the future might look like. The designs made by the firm focus on a combination of durability, aesthetics and an addressing of environmental goals and challenges.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Tom Fisk
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Tom Fisk

The designs were presented at a round table discussion titled "NAN Sustainability Space" held on May 23. The discussion highlighted the importance of bio-technology, engineering and the utilization of other resources in realizing sustainability goals and reducing the environmental footprint of buildings. It also reflected upon the need to adapt architectural practices to meet the changing social and environmental requirements. The founders believe that it could be done by focusing on "denser and more sustainable urban models." The bio-tech city proposed by the firm as a result of the thought process is a self-contained city with a circular dome-shaped model.

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The newly proposed structure would possibly help people live a more sustainable and better life. The structure has a raised dome built on a hexagonal or pentagonal grid. Structures inspired the design in nature to take a step forward to achieving harmony between innovation and sustainability. The structure has enough space to be functional as a building while the design allows the space to be built with green spaces around it. It is also ideal to allow light and ventilation and give form to community places like plazas, per My Modern Met.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Scott Webb
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Scott Webb

The top of the dome of such cities will have a solar panel as well as wind turbines to take care of the electricity requirements of the area. The best part, the design can be customized to function in different climatic conditions around the world. The biotech city is designed to contain all amenities like healthcare, education, office spaces as well as residences. At the same time, there would be space at the bottom of the dome that will be kept open and filled with greenery so the city can alongside the environment. It would also allow people to enjoy the benefits of living in a city while being more connected to nature.


The green space will also act as a shared space for people to meet each other and build a sense of community and belonging. It will allow them to socialize, gather and have events. “In the planning of the Biotech City, nature blends harmoniously with the urban environment. Here, lush vegetation, interactive landscapes, and living elements coexist in perfect symbiosis, creating an urban living experience that establishes an unparalleled connection with the natural world," the firm explained. The idea is to use technology while environmental and social needs at the forefront of the project.

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