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This husband lied to his wife and claimed he was 'cool with it'

Sometimes, telling a "golden lie" can actually do more harm than good. One husband did so to protect his wife.

This husband lied to his wife and claimed he was 'cool with it'
Image Source: Layland Masuda / Getty Images

We all tell the little white lie to our friends, family members, and partners every now and then. However, unlike one Reddit user, we are not always proud of ourselves for doing it. Redditor Stinkyspamfartz took to the website's "Off My Chest" forum a few months ago to reveal a deep, dark secret he had hidden from his wife, a third shift nurse at a major hospital in the metropolitan area they live in. Due to her job, she misses out on several of her new child's big moments. Meanwhile, he is the primary caregiver and gets to spend most of his time with their new baby. This, as you can imagine, can be an emotional and grueling situation to be in. He discovered lying to his wife may ease some of the grief she was experiencing.

"She's been working a grueling schedule of back-to-back days for weeks since returning from maternity leave," the Reddit user writes of his wife. "Some days she doesn't even get to see me or our three-month-old son." Meanwhile, he is a teacher who gets to stay home during the summertime. He continues, "The other night she ruined our son's sleep schedule by accident. She had a mental breakdown, tossed her glasses, and broke down crying because she feels she doesn't know her own son's life and is a terrible mom. Might I add, she's a tremendous mother and wife and she makes such a wonderful impact on many people's lives."

"Anyways, she came home this morning to start a streak of three days off," he explains, describing the incident which led to the lie. "We were lying on the ground playing with our son and she tickled his tummy. He let out a big giggle and she lost it. [She started] crying happy tears as it was the first giggle she's experienced; I joined alongside her and we celebrated our son's first giggle together. Now she's asleep, happy and content." However, this was his lie: that was not their son's first giggle.

The Reddit user shares, "He's giggled with me a few times this week. That's a secret that will go with me until the end of time. This morning will always be his first laugh, always. She deserved that moment of pure bliss and happiness. So yeah, I lied to my wife today and I'm cool with it. That is all." In the comments section, many fellow Redditors appreciated his honesty. One distinguished between the different kinds of lies one can tell. "I believe in life there are three types of lies," they explained. "Regular lies, white lies (where no one gets hurt), and then golden lies, where the lie actually does a tremendous amount of good. This was a golden lie."

Other parents expressed how they wished their partners or other caregivers had lied to them. One Reddit user shared, "My daughter couldn't walk for the longest time when she was little. I was working nonstop as I was a single mother and I picked her up from daycare one morning. The caregiver told me my daughter took her first steps today. I broke down crying in my car about it. I wish she'd lied to me because that night my daughter started to fully walk." It just goes to show that sometimes golden lies are worth it.

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