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Hero raises over $10K by tap-dancing at midnight to annoy the Trump fan living downstairs

What started out as a low-stakes joke quickly became a meaningful way to make a change and raise funds for the ACLU.

Hero raises over $10K by tap-dancing at midnight to annoy the Trump fan living downstairs
Image Source: AZiemak / Twitter

A resident of Cleveland, Ohio, is doing God's work by tap-dancing at midnight to annoy his downstairs Trump-supporting neighbor. His services were brought to the world's attention when Twitter user Amy, who goes by the username AZiemak, posted a photo of his window online. In the picture, you can see two apartment windows. The one on the bottom features a Trump 2020 flag and a doctored photo of him holding a huge assault weapon (it's supposed to be Trump as Rambo but looks more like it was pulled from a terrible porn video). The window on top, however, has a printout stuck to it: "Venmo [me] and I will tap dance at midnight." A smaller poster to the right has "Biden 2020" printed across it.


The upstairs window belongs to Jett Croisant, who is simply being a good samaritan by looking out for his community. After Amy shared the photo, his initiative really took off. Thousands of people began sending the tap-dancing liberal money via the digital wallet. Over the course of a few days, he had raised thousands of dollars. "Every two to three seconds, I was getting Venmo'd money. It didn't slow down until Friday," he shared. "Today it's picked up again, and donations are starting to get bigger. The biggest donation I've gotten is $50 a couple of times."


Jett, like many Twitter users have suggested, will not be pocketing the funds. Instead, he will be donating all his earnings to the American Civil Liberties Union. To ensure transparency and let everyone know all of his work is being done above the board, he will be providing receipts to those who make a donation. While he originally just "did it for the humor" and only "expected to get $3" from the funny sign, he has definitely overshot his initial expectations. "This is amazing," he affirmed. "[I love] that people are having fun with it." He is, nonetheless, a little overwhelmed as anyone would be when they make over $10,000 from a simple joke. It was originally supposed to be low-stakes.


Speaking about what motivated him to make the joke in the first place, he said, "A couple [of] months ago they put up the banners in the window, and it was the dumbest banners ever. It frustrated me a lot. When we had the protest in Cleveland, that night they took it down. A couple [of] nights later, they put it back up. It didn’t make me too I thought it would be a kind of funny thing to do to annoy them." He also has a message for the folks who think that the joke is mean: "We’re not necessarily being mean. We’re teasing. I just want to annoy them a little bit 'cause they’ve been annoying me with their sign in their window." At present, he is waiting on a pair of actual tap dance shoes from a person who spotted his poster online. If you would like to make a donation, you can send him a cash transfer on Venmo. His username is Jet513. Let the entertainment begin!


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