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This hero dog protected a little girl from armed robbers - even after being shot twice

Two-year-old Yorkshire terrier Starlet saved the day when she protected her best friend from two robbers.

This hero dog protected a little girl from armed robbers - even after being shot twice
Image Source: Dan Porges / Getty Images

Humans truly do not deserve dogs. When two armed robbers approached a home with the intention to invade it, it was the family pet that came to the rescue when she realized her best friend, the family's young niece, would be hurt. In her attempt to save the little girl, she was shot twice. Nonetheless, she persisted. Eventually, she helped the young girl escape, ABC News 4 reports. The incident took place in South Fulton, Georgia. The dog, a two-year-old Yorkshire terrier named Starlet, is now being lauded as a hero - and rightly so. Dogs truly are man's best friend.




The home invasion took place on Tuesday, March 3, right before 3 pm. Two men, one of whom was armed, approached the Ewing residence in the South Fulton neighborhood. They intended to rob the home. Dion Ewing, the young girl's aunt, explained that her niece was alone at home with Starlet. The pair were just relaxing at home when the two men disturbed their peace. The girl received a notification on her phone informing her that the men were attempting to break into the house. Distressingly, the only thing she could do was watch the men try to break in through her phone.



"My niece got an alert on her phone about somebody approaching," Dion explained. "The other partner turned around and started kicking [the door] from the back and he kicked it about two times and then the back came open. The door came open." The niece could only continue to wait and watch. Thankfully, brave little Starlet jumped into action. She immediately went after the two men. This distracted the intruders and gave the little girl an opportunity to escape the dangerous situation. Sadly, Starlet was shot twice during this altercation, leaving her with major wounds that will take time to heal.




Even after the girl made it out through the garage, the robbers followed. One even asked if they should shoot her. However, they were distracted: Starlet was chasing after them even though she was badly wounded. As the brave dog disrupted their plans, the two robbers made a hasty escape. It is because of her courage and bravery that Dion's niece was able to get to safety. Dion shared, "As [my niece] was running out, the one who had the gun asked the other one if they wanted them to shoot her. They were chasing her out and the dog was chasing behind them. Even after being shot. [The robbers] are cowards. I think that, you know, if you know anything, please turn them in."



While the police are on the lookout for the two men, Starlet is trying to heal from the wounds she suffered. She has two bullet wounds, which the family hopes will heal soon. "This little thing right here. It's just like a little guard dog," Dion stated. "And we are trying to keep her limited on the moving because of where she got injured at. They don't want her to rip her lacerations. She got shot in her front leg and back leg." Kudos to this hero dog! Meanwhile, if you would like to help, please contact the South Fulton Police Department should you have any information about the incident.


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