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This heartwarming story about lesbian-jock solidarity is winning hearts on the internet

Tumblr user, who goes by the name Ace, now has a tag dedicated to her wholesome friendship with Colin titled "Adventures of Himbo and Lesbo."

This heartwarming story about lesbian-jock solidarity is winning hearts on the internet
Image Source: Tumblr/good-ho-mens

Mainstream American media has stereotyped football jocks as the worst type of bullies to walk the face of the Earth. The more popular they are, the meaner they get. But in real life, it is always a good idea to remember to never judge a book by its cover. So when you give people a chance, you may be pleasantly surprised to see that they have so much more to offer than the idea you had of them in your head. And who knows, it could even lead to a lifelong friendship too. A cute story like this, of lesbian-jock solidarity, has been winning hearts on Tumblr.





A Tumblr user who goes by the name Ace shared a heartwarming interaction they had with a jock from their school. In a now, viral post, she wrote, "So there’s this huge dudebro in my class, who, yesterday, sat next to me. And I’m sitting there sweating because like… I’m wearing my shirt with the lesbian flag on it, and he’s the most popular jock in school, and always has this look on his face that says ‘I can and will kill you.’ He looks me up and down, stares at me for a minute, and then goes, 'So. Girls in skirts and long socks, am I right?'”




Ace, who was at this point surprised, with a "healthy amount of awkward fear" nodded her head in agreement. The jock who was later identified as Colin nodded back and said, “You get it.” They then fist-bumped and on went with their lives. This was not their last interaction. The same day, Colin spotted Ace during lunch, ran up to her tapped her on the shoulder to ask her if a girl from their school was also gay. "I told him he should ask her because that’s not my place and he said he would," she explained and thought that would be the end of it. But 10 minutes later, Colin was back with news.


"He came back and told me he found out (she’s bi) and that both of us have a shot," Ace wrote in the post. “You more than me,” she told Colin because she thought he was attractive and popular. In response, the "wholesome dumbass" looked really confused and asked her, "Because I’m tall?" Many Tumblr users immediately saw how their dynamic was just like that of the characters in the film The Half Of It. As if it could not get even more like something out of a film, Ace narrated another hilarious incident that took place in class when their math teacher was trying to fix the rolling whiteboard and said offhandedly that a wrench would make it easier. "And deadass, dudebro said 'Hang on' and then proceeded to pull a f****** wrench out of his backpack," Ace narrated.




At this point, the two of them were basically friends. In another touching moment, Colin asked Ace if they knew how to help someone having a panic attack because he was having one. "We’re in the middle of Tech class," Ace wrote and went on to explain, "We went out in the hall and sat there for a while and he told me about the test he’s stressed about. So we kind of went over his study guide and when he was feeling better he kind of like… smacked his head against mine gently? And I helped him up even though he’s almost a foot taller than me and yeah." 




Ace even has a tag dedicated to updating her followers about her and Colin's wholesome friendship titled, Adventures of Himbo and Lesbo. When Ace thanked Colin for being friends with her he fist-bumped her like the dudebro he is and said, “You always looked so nice and chill, how could I not want to be your friend?” Ace went on to say, "And honestly y’all, I would’ve started crying if he hadn’t sneezed and accidentally smacked me."



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