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'Drone Guy' who asked out a girl dancing on a roof just went on a date with her in a giant inflatable ball

Jeremy and Tori from New York City have now gone on two dates while practicing social distancing. Love in the time of Coronavirus truly is magical.

'Drone Guy' who asked out a girl dancing on a roof just went on a date with her in a giant inflatable ball
Image Source: jermcohen / Getty Images

Love in the time of Coronavirus is a strange but beautiful thing. If you've been spending way too much time on social media now that you're working from home or stuck indoors all day, you've probably come across the story of Drone Guy. He saw a girl dancing on her roof and asked her out using his drone. Since they couldn't really interact with each other, they had their first dinner date separately. Jeremy Cohen, otherwise known on the internet as Drone Guy, ate on his balcony while his date Tori Cignarella ate on the roof she was dancing on. Jeremy recently found an inventive way to go out on a "real" date with Tori while practicing safe social distancing.



To execute the perfect second date, Genius Jeremy sourced a plastic bubble from one of his friends. He wanted one anyway, to walk around the city in by himself, but this was the push he needed to actually buy one. He shared in an interview, "I was thinking about buying one because I thought it could be a way to make people smile walking around the city while also being safe, but I couldn’t find any online. Then my artist friend, Pablo Rochat, posted a link to one in his story (I think as a joke). I couldn’t believe he found an actual link to buy one, so I immediately purchased it. Then I met Tori and I think it was right before our first date, it arrived in the mail and I realized it would make for a perfect second date."



On their second date, the couple just walked around the neighborhood. They couldn't talk much, but it was still lots of fun, according to Jeremy. "We didn’t have much conversation since it was difficult to hear each other since I was in a bubble," he stated. "But we laughed the whole time we walked in the neighborhood together." The most fun part, he said, was probably all the looks the two of them got while walking down the street. Jeremy noted, "Everyone outside had to do a double-take at us - it would be a combination of bewildering and jovial looks. It gave people something to laugh and smile at. As we walked down the streets, people were even watching and taking videos out of their windows. Hopefully, some people copy me! I’d be flattered - it’s safe, fun, and it gives people a reason to smile which is what we could use a little more of now."



As for Tori, she couldn't have had more fun. Her date even brought her flowers, which she absolutely loved. While they were walking down the street, a team of police officers spotted them and pulled up to them in their cop car. The officers had recognized them from when Jeremy was featured on TV. They stopped to take some photos with the happy couple and then went on their way. For Jeremy, this was a way to engage socially after being locked up in his home for so long. "I’m all cooped up in my apartment alone, so it's definitely different than my normal life of being out and about all the time. There’s so much to do in NYC," he shared. "For now, I’m taking it day by day." While the couple may not have plans to go steady any time soon, they sure have quite the number of fans online rooting for them.





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