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This grandpa is winning hearts on the internet with wholesome gifts for his 11 grandkids

The grandkids each recieved a pair of Crocs and a customized charm with Grandpa's Ryan's face.

This grandpa is winning hearts on the internet with wholesome gifts for his 11 grandkids
Cover Image Source: Tiktok | @pettitgrace

Receiving gifts from your loved ones, especially from your grandparents is the best feeling ever. They always knew just what we wanted and as little kids, we always waited for it. Recently, we got to relive that exact memory when Grandpa Liam Ryan presented each of his 11 grandkids with neatly wrapped gifts. Liam, 87 was expecting a big reaction from the kids on opening the gifts, and that's what happens. When his grandkids, aged between 4 to 28, find out they have each gotten a pair of Crocs and a customized charm with Ryan's face, they all start laughing out of sheer joy. 

Image Source: Tiktok / @pettitgrace
Image Source: Tiktok / @pettitgrace


The gifts hold a sentimental value, said Grace Pettit, who posted the lovely video on Tiktok, adding that her late grandma Phyllis was known for going to the beach with a pair of bright teal Crocs with a matching cover-up. “Our Granny was the center of the house and just loved everyone so much,” Pettit, 24, tells TODAY. She added, “Gramps embraces that same energy, which is beautiful. He makes each of us feel special. He's always calling to check in and see what we're up to." Ryan is enjoying his internet fame, according to Pettit, a second-grade teacher in Hawaii.  Additionally, he gained stardom for filming a "fit check" on TikTok with Pettit while she was visiting for the holidays. Although Ryan wasn't really sure what a "fit check" was, he was more than willing to partake in it. 



“Hi, I’m Gramps,” he begins. “My jeans are a Christmas gift. My shirt is a Christmas gift. My sweater, my brother gave me. My sneakers...," he continued while waiting for Pettit to tell him what to say next. Isn't that just adorable? They sure do make a great Tiktok duo together! Apparently, due to the nature of her job and other reasons, Pettit lives nearly 5,000 miles away from Gramps but says they're always in contact with each other. “We’re really close,” Pettit shares. "I'm lucky.” There is just something about the older generations jumping in on social media with their grandkids to do some 'Gen Z things' and as expected, the internet loves it. Moreover, these kinds of videos really highlight the importance of good relationships among the family. 



Pettit and Ryan said on Good Morning America that their relationship is "very close" and that when Pettit suggested making the fit-check video, Ryan was all amped up and ready to roll. "We were just sitting on the couch, hanging out, and I kind of was like, 'OK, let's do something. We're both not doing anything.' And then I forced Gramps to get up and make this video," Pettit confessed. "We obviously had no idea that people would like it so much." Realizing his fame on the internet as the ultimate Gramps, Petit added that Ryan is still in awe of it. "He's still in shock. It doesn't make sense to either of us, but as long as people are smiling."

Initially, Gramps said that he was amazed yet dubious as to why would people find his video funny. But they're giving everyone a reason to smile and shake it off and that is what makes the duo keep going. "We're happy we could make so many people laugh and you know, it was just something fun for us to do and we're glad other people saw it like that." We hope that this wouldn't be the last of them because the internet is sure as hell ready for more future appearances from Gramps and his grandchildren. 

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