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8-year-old girl gives 600 pounds of dog food to local animal shelter as Christmas gift

Eight-year-old Landyn Wadsworth from Pasco, Washington, decided to give the best gift of all this Christmas: kindness.

8-year-old girl gives 600 pounds of dog food to local animal shelter as Christmas gift
Image Source: Tri-Cities Animal Shelter & Control Services / Facebook

It appears that Christmas 2019 truly was the season of giving. Several children across the country, instead of asking for toys this Christmas, wanted to give back to their communities. Whether it was a lump sum donation to a certain charity or sock donations to the homeless, little children as young as eight years old got into the spirit of giving this holiday season. Eight-year-old Landyn Wadsworth joined this special group of young humanitarians this Christmas when she decided to ask for money to purchase cat and dog food to help out her local animal shelter, CNN reports.


It all began in 2016 when she made a visit to the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter & Control Services in Pasco, Washington. Three years ago, she was deeply saddened by the fact that so many animals would not have a loving home with equally loving families for Christmas. Therefore, though she couldn't adopt all of them, she found a way to help them out. That year, she asked her parents for money so she could buy dog and cat food to donate to the animal shelter. In her third year of collecting food and other treats, little Landyn was able to fundraise enough money to purchase a whopping 600 pounds of dog and cat food this Christmas. She even bought a bundle of other treats.


The Tri-Cities Animal Shelter & Control Services took to their official Facebook page to make a special shout-out to Landyn. Posting a photo of her proudly standing next to her generous donation, they wrote, Landyn's wish for Christmas was food donations for the shelter and it looks like her wish came true! We are so grateful for your kindness and I'm sure the dogs and cats are too! In the photo, the eight-year-old's stack of donations is even taller than her. She is also seen holding a red and green bag, surely filled to the brim with treats for all the animals waiting to find a loving forever home this year.


Everyone in the local community was incredibly appreciative of Landyn's generosity and compassion. One Facebook user commented, "We need more kids like you in this world. You are so awesome to do this. Thank you so much." Another added, "Thank you so much Landyn! You are my little hero! it was so nice to meet you too." One wrote, "Sweetest child. Most kind and generous. I hope all the children grow up and be like her. Imagine her as a grown woman, what she will achieve." Another still recognized Landyn's upbringing. They stated, "This is what parents should be teaching their children." Evidently, little Landyn has made quite the positive impact on her local community. According to CNN, she has already started collecting donations for next year, so she can have an even bigger haul in 2020. Someone is definitely on Santa's nice list!


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