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This gay couple adopted an HIV+ baby after she was rejected by 10 families

Families refused to adopt little Olivia because of her positive HIV diagnosis. That's when Argentina's first openly gay couple decided to step in.

This gay couple adopted an HIV+ baby after she was rejected by 10 families

The stigma of being HIV positive can follow someone around their entire lives. If you're born positive for HIV, it can have even more troubling effects. For little baby Olivia, it was an absolute nightmare. At just less than a month old, she was shuffled between 10 different families. Though these families were happy to adopt a cute infant, they weren't comfortable with her diagnosis. So she was transferred from family to family; people thought she was simply unadoptable. However, she soon found herself in the arms of two loving parents - Argentina's first openly gay couple. Damian Pighin and Ariel Vijarra welcomed her into their small family, showing her that the world isn't always cruel.


The couple got married in Sante Fe, Argentina. They were the first gay couple in the country to do so. Both Damian and Ariel work for an NGO that helps couples adopt unwanted children. This is how they stumbled across adorable little Olivia. After trying and failing to find her a caring family that would welcome her into their homes with love and acceptance, they decided it was time to expand their small family to include another awesome member. So, when Olivia was less than a month old, they adopted her and brought her into their lives in the hopes of giving her a life of joy, love, and warmth.


Olivia was actually the couple's little miracle. They had been waiting for at least three years before they got the call about the opportunity to adopt her. When they did receive the phone call, they knew that there was no going back. They immediately went to see her. The first time they met her, she didn't cry even a little bit. When the couple got to hold her and feed her, they knew they shared a special connection with her and that she was everything they were looking for. Once the couple adopted her, they made sure to get her the medical care that she needed.


Little Olivia began treatment as soon as she was adopted and began to show positive results almost immediately. It was not long before her parents received some amazing news: tests had displayed that the virus was no longer detectable in her body. Therefore, because her treatment was so successful, she is now able to lead a normal life, playing and learning just like any other child. Though she may not be completely cured (as there is no cure for the illness at present), this means that Olivia doesn't have to suffer from any symptoms of HIV. Even more notably, she doesn't risk spreading the disease either.


The family is now happy and healthy together. After adopting Olivia, Damian and Ariel decided it was time for her to have a sibling. They adopted a second daughter, Victoria, who is about the same age as Olivia. The two little girls are both currently five years old. Undoubtedly, the couple has shown us how selfless and unconditional love can change someone's life in meaningful but immeasurable ways. Olivia and Victoria are indeed lucky to have such amazing, loving parents. This just goes to show that the goodness in someone's heart is not determined by their sexual orientation.


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