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This five-year-old's words of wisdom will make you laugh and deeply move you

Twitter user and mom EPrecipice's son Clark may have the best, most useful advice ever. In a now-viral Twitter thread, she shared some of his pearls of wisdom.

This five-year-old's words of wisdom will make you laugh and deeply move you
Image Source: (Top) Hybrid Images / Getty Images (Bottom) EPrecipice / Twitter

In a Twitter thread that has now gone viral, one mom who goes by the username EPrecipice on the platform shared the pearls of wisdom her son Clark had for her. From goofy to profound, the five-year-old's words could not have been more comforting for the mother on their morning drive to school. Thousands of other folks also found incredible insight in the young boy's words. Soon enough, the Twitter thread had been retweeted over 22,600 times. Other parents, too, joined in on the fun and shared some of the foresight their young ones had given them, Bored Panda reports.


The first piece of wisdom little Clark had to offer that morning was rather profound. "You gotta say your affirmations in your mouth and your heart," he told his mother. "You say, 'I am brave of this meeting, I am loved, I smell good!' And you can say five or three or ten until you know it." We adults are not exactly sure when one fully "knows it," but the five-year-old's advice seems pretty important in a world that is constantly trying to tear us down for getting things wrong (or being smelly).

Then, the young boy shared, "You gotta walk big. You gotta mean it. Like Dolly on a dinosaur. Because you got it." Well, I do not quite know if I got this, but I definitely feel like I do after learning about how much Clark believes in me. His following pieces of advice were a little more metaphorical. "Never put a skunk on a bus," he reminded. "Think about the donuts of your day! Even if you cry a little, you can think about potato chips!" Indeed, what gets me through the day is thinking about the next snack or meal I am going to enjoy. So, as it turns out, I am not very different from a five-year-old.


In addition to all these well-meaning words, Clark offered his two cents on walking in the snow when his mom picked him up from school that afternoon. He shared, "Don’t get distracted and your feet will stay on the sidewalk and not too full of snow." Words to heed, indeed! Nonetheless, perhaps the young boy's most profound words were some of his last before he entered school that morning. "You gotta take a deep breath and you gotta do it again," he said. "Even if it’s a yucky day, you can get a hug." Kids do say the darndest things. But sometimes, those are the things that can help you get by.

After reading the thread, many parents shared similar incidents they had experienced with their own kids. For example, one user replied, "I have a child like this. They are 14 now, and they still help me with my emotions, they have been doing it since birth. I don't ask, and it's not a burden I intentionally place on them. They just... Know. That's how I know there are humans with gifts they are born with." Meanwhile, another Twitter user asked, "Who IS this kid, and is he available for Zoom sessions?" To this, EPrecipice had one response: "He’s the only life coach I know who accepts payment in goldfish crackers." Now all I need to know is how I can schedule a session with this kid genius.


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