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This dog patiently waits to get a hug from his favorite postman every single day

Moose has found an unlikely friend in his local mailman. He waits for him to come to his driveway every morning.

This dog patiently waits to get a hug from his favorite postman every single day
Image Source: / Instagram

If all you knew about dogs and mailmen you learned from cartoons, you'd probably be under the false impression that they don't get along in real life. While I'm sure there are tons of furry friends who aren't pals with their local postmen, this Michigan dog and his favorite postman are here to prove you wrong. Moose, a Golden retriever pup that's only just turned a year-and-half, patiently waits for his mailman to arrive at his doorstep every single morning. Once he arrives, Moose runs up to him so he can get pets and cuddles. Now isn't that just the cutest thing ever?




Like clockwork, Moose hangs out in his driveway at the same time every morning in anticipation of his postman-friend. He started this adorable morning routine a few weeks ago when a new mailman was posted to his neighborhood. He happened to take a look out of the window and sensed a friendly vibe from the postman as he walked from door to door. On the first morning, he just watched from the window. However, one day, he asked to be let out. Plopping himself down on the driveway, he waited with his tail wagging, until the mailman approached him. Once he did, he gave the pup lots of pets and snuggles. And the rest was, as they say, history.



The pair have since become the best of friends. Neither Moose's nor the mailman's days are complete without their big bear hugs. In an interview with The Dodo, Moose's owner Meghan Gruszynski stated she is fond of the sweet little tradition the duo has established. "It was adorable," she said. "I loved how much he loved our boy and loved how much Moose loved saying hi to him." The morning routine is particularly special for the mailman; he recently lost his own dog. Therefore, seeing this Golden retriever every day puts an extra skip in his otherwise somber step. Meghan shared, "I’ve come to find out our mailman’s dog recently passed away. He loves how much love Moose gives him every time he is out on his route."



Moose is indeed quite a loving dog. Meghan looks at the cute tradition as a "care package" from Moose to the mailman. She hopes the tradition doesn't end any time soon. "Hopefully it continues for many, many years!" She stated. "He’s our mailman 'til he retires, so it should be fun watching their love." Individuals online have also taken quite the liking to witnessing the pup's interactions with his favorite postman. Instagram user robin_riggan, a postperson themselves, wrote as a comment on one of the duo's videos, "I love this! I too work for the USPS and I also have a very special puppy on my route! Her name is Cali and she gives the sweetest greetings when I come in with the mail." Another stated, "[I] always wait for the moment his tail starts to wag. Such a lovely friendship and [a] very good boy."



Some believe that Moose can sense the loss the mailman has experienced and is trying to comfort him. Mwerries90 pointed out, "This is amazing! Dogs are the best! They just know a person's true heart." Yogi_giggles815 added, "That is awesome, I really believe a dog's spirit can stay with the owner after he or she passes away. Maybe Moose sees the dog and senses the owner missing his pet." Moose's owners regularly post videos of his interactions on his Instagram profile. The pup, who has over 5,000 followers on the platform, has become quite the celebrity. The postman, too, has joined in on the fame. Instagram users eagerly await for Meghan to upload new videos of them hugging each other.



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