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This depiction of what different generations do on their day off is hysterically top-notch

The different generations undoubtedly spend their days off differently and these depictions are entirely accurate.

This depiction of what different generations do on their day off is hysterically top-notch
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @champagnecruz

People work like crazy during the work-week no matter their job and every employee desperately waits for even a single day off. When that weekly holiday is nearing, it becomes the rising hope for employees to go through the remaining working days. Each person may have different routines that they follow during their holidays. Cruz Corral—who goes by @champagnecruz on TikTok–shared a video portraying how different generations spend their holidays. His accurate depiction of millennials, GenZ, GenY, GenX and boomers has everyone echoing a relatable laughter. Every dialogue and action is truly on point. Starting with GenZ, the man is seen fast asleep and cuddled in bed.

Image Source: Instagram| @champagnecruz
Image Source: Instagram| @champagnecruz

It is a dream factor that every GenZ looks forward to throughout workdays. Everyone knows the relationship GenZs have with sleep and it is unfathomable. Coming to the millennials, the man is seen just waking up from sleep even though it’s the day off. “7? Why can I never sleep in on my day off?” the man said, representing the struggle of every millennial whose sleep routine is fixed on working timings by default. The GenX was a sight to see. Instead of just lazing around or having something fun to do, they were already up and at the day. “Let me just check my emails real quick and make sure everything is running properly,” the man said.

Image Source: Instagram| @champagnecruz
Image Source: Instagram| @champagnecruz

One can’t deny the urge GenX has to be productive and still complete other work, even on their day off. There is never rest for the poor things. The boomer was over the top. Ready, with the newspaper and a cup of tea in hand. “This is the first time I’ve had an MLK Day off in years,” the man said as he glanced through the newspaper with his glasses on. “These kids don’t know how lucky they are,” he added. Shifting to slightly later on the same day, GenZ is still seen peacefully in slumber, having no care in the world. On the other hand, the millennial is seen still in bed, unable to grasp that a holiday is wasted because they failed to sleep in. “Watch Netflix, I guess,” he said, with his hoodie on, trying hard to make plans for the rest of the day.

Image Source: Instagram| @champagnecruz
Image Source: Instagram| @champagnecruz

Gen X is still stuck with the emails. “Respond to one email quickly,” he said. Immediately, the character remembers all the other chores he has to do, like grocery shopping and getting a car wash. “Maybe I’ll organize my desk too,” he said, adding to the tiring list of chores he already has. Lastly, the boomer is seen stuck on his newspaper, still trying to make plans, criticizing things and just moving about very casually. People couldn’t get a hold of how accurate the depictions were. @cl_fahh said, “As a Gen Z, this is 200% true.” @abrafiedusei said, “As a first generation of Gen Z who grew up with Millennials, I am tied between both.” @kellyluvsjones11 said, “I have type A flu. Still checked all my emails today.” @smitty.lo said, “I woke up today at 6 am for no good reason.”

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