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This cutie pie recalled the moment she met her adoptive parents & it will make your heart melt

She was adopted at four years old and took a moment to explain to her adoptive mom what it felt like - in the most adorable way possible.

This cutie pie recalled the moment she met her adoptive parents & it will make your heart melt

The number of hours that I've spent watching videos of cute babies is probably a number I wouldn't really want to admit to. However, when I came across this video, my heart kinda felt all warm and fuzzy in a way that it's never felt before. In the video clip, this little girl discusses what it was like to be adopted by her now-parents when she and her sister were younger. Prepare yourself, because this is probably the most adorable thing you're going to witness EVER.


The tiny cutie pie begins by narrating, "Lily [her sister] was still a baby and I was four years old. I got so big but Lily was still a baby! And when... you [saw] her, she was one year old. And when... you [saw] me, I was four years old. And we were very excited to meet you and our daddy." Okay, my heart had already become a puddle of goo when I heard the way she said "excited." It appears that this toddler is also wise beyond her years - I can't imagine what it must be like to recall being adopted by a pair of absolute strangers, and then explaining the moment back to them. She continued, "And we love you guys. And we want to be here for you and daddy."

By this point, you could hear her mom going "awwww" and honestly, if you aren't awwing along with her then either a. you are a masochist or b. you are a LIAR! This baby is way too cute for you not to. The mom then confirms that she, too, was excited to meet her little baby girl and Lily. The girl then asks, "Do you know what happened to my heart?" And while I was prepared for the worst, my own heart exploded into a million pieces of butterflies and rainbows and sunshine when I heard her answer. She said, whispering at first, "The first time that I [saw] you... when I saw you, my heart fell in love with you." Oh. My. God. SQQQQQQUUUUUEEEEEEEEE. Baby boo, my heart has fallen in love with YOU! This is the most precious moment ever and I'm so glad that her mom was able to record it. This melted my ice-cold heart and I am so glad Lily and her sister have such a loving, caring, and warm family.


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