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Cute dog that simply won't stop smiling is the best thing you'll see all day

Tina Marcum Denlinger, Chevy's mom, says the dog simply has no bad days and wants to spread cheer and joy all the time.

Cute dog that simply won't stop smiling is the best thing you'll see all day
Image source: Instagram/chevysmiles

You can't help but crack a smile when you see Chevy, a 9-year-old Pomeranian. Well, what else do you do, when you see a dog beaming at you, ear to ear all the time? Chevy's million-dollar smile has made him something of a local celebrity in Kettering, Ohio. He simply cannot stop grinning, and Tina Marcum Denlinger, Chevy's mom, says he's just a happy dog. “We’ve never seen him have a bad day. It just cracks us up,” ​​Denlinger told The Dodo. “Everything’s a celebration. If we go for a walk, he celebrates. If there's food, he celebrates. He’s always so happy.” Denlinger and her partner consider themselves Chevy's parents and it's the most adorable thing. They love taking him hiking and camping and when they are out, Chevy loves to wear a little hat to shield himself from the sun.



They said he loves nothing more than to sit in the front seat of his parents’ golf cart and watch over everyone. “He rides on the golf cart and surveys the whole area,” said Denlinger. “Everyone knows him …. He just gets into the cart, and he has a little harness so he doesn’t fall. And that’s his thing. It’s like he’s in a parade or something. He’s so upbeat.” She said that her dog loves to spread cheer and always embodies happy vibes. He loves nothing more than cheering up strangers with his infectious smile. “Everyone just gets a kick out of him because he’s so upbeat,” said the pet parent.





Denlinger spoke to Bored Panda about how they got him. “We lost our golden retriever 9 years ago and were looking for a companion for our corgi mix. We found him from an ad in the paper. He was surrounded by a pack of dachshunds who did not like him. My husband grabbed him up and said he is going home with us.” She said the first time they really noticed his smile was when they picked him up from the vet after being neutered. He was just beaming from ear to ear and it was unmistakable. The family and people on the internet simply can't get enough of his adorable smile.



One thing Chevy doesn't like is the cold. Denlinger said his expression changes whenever it gets cold, but it only takes seconds for it to flip. She says all it takes for him to cheer up is to bring out his food or a leash for a walk. “Everyone thinks he’s a puppy because he’s full of energy,” said Denlinger. “He does what we call ‘spin dry,’ where he spins around whenever he wants something. He goes into a complete circle.”



Here are some fantastic smiling pictures of Chevy to cheer you up today:












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