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This couple's hair routine filled with love and care is giving everyone relationship goals

Their simple hair routine has been winning hearts and one can't get enough of the abounding love flowing from their relationship.

This couple's hair routine filled with love and care is giving everyone relationship goals
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @queenmotivat

When two people are in love, the expression of love takes different forms. It can be the most luxurious or grand expression or it could be a mundane, bizarre or even casual act. Whatever the form of expression is, it holds an invaluable place in the hearts of those in the relationship. It is what adds to the essence of their love and becomes a defining factor in the relationship. Jones Motivat and his wife Bea, an adorable couple that has won hearts over the internet with a simple hair routine, per ABC News. Jones has been doing his wife’s afro hair over the last 26 years and everyone is moved by their unbreakable bond.

Image Source: Instagram| @queenmotivat
Image Source: Instagram| @queenmotivat

Their daughter shared a video of her dad doing his wife’s hair as usual, ever so gently and full of love and it amassed millions of likes leaving fantasies for many to build. The couple even have adorable names for each other, Jones calls his wife “Flower” and Bea addresses him as “Honey,” which is inspiring and full of awe. When asked about the same, Jones had the most beautiful reply. He said, "My responsibility was to look after Flower here, make sure that she’s blossoming, which is a better way of pruning than starting with the crown on her head. Making sure that she looks like a queen and continues to look like a queen."

Image Source: Instagram| @queenmotivat
Image Source: Instagram| @queenmotivat

Their daughter mentioned, “There are just small simple acts that we did as a family to kind of get us through the pandemic." Their undying and filter-less love became a shining hope for many. Many have understood the concept of love through the couple’s acts and expressions. While the daughter has posted several videos of her parents struck by love, doing the simplest things with much love, the video with the hair routine captures the gentleness, love, patience and every other element. Moreover, the fact that they have continued this heartwarming tradition for 26 years speaks volumes of the continuous effort and admirability they have for each other.

Image Source: Instagram| @queenmotivat
Image Source: Instagram| @queenmotivat

The couple have come far in their years together and through their videos aim to share messages and learnings about love and relationships. They have also written books on dating and advice on their personal lives. "Normally, we teach what we went through. One thing we did in the beginning of our relationship was to try and understand each other's love languages,” Bea said. She also revealed that her love language was an act of service and Jones hopped onto the same just right. She noted, “When they help me brush my afro, make for me a cup of tea, I mean, it just means the whole wide world for me."

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Their son Links said, “I'm just so honored that I've had such amazing role models. I just wish that everyone could experience what I've experienced. And I think the content has helped to kind of reach that goal." The couple continues to share vivid forms of love for each other and it's mesmerizing. The video of the dad fixing his wife’s hair to perfection received heart-warming comments. @mxdandlovely said, "How am I supposed to find someone when your dad is setting this kind of standard?" @vandrogenregina said, "Match made in them both." 

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