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This composer turns portraits of beloved pets into music

Jerusalem-based musician Noam Oxman can turn any pet into an unforgettable symphony, combining his love for art, music, and animals.

This composer turns portraits of beloved pets into music
Image Source: Sympawnies / Facebook

Have you ever thought about what your furry friend would sound like if they were a musical composition? Would they be more like Mozart or Frank Zappa? Of course, you may know what they bark, meow, or chirp like, but you may not be able to imagine how they would sound if their personalities were conveyed through an orchestra. Fortunately, one composer has an answer. That answer is Sympawnies, a project to turn portraits of beloved pets into beautiful musical compositions. From cats and dogs to donkeys and badgers, Jerusalem-based musician Noam Oxman can turn any pet into an unforgettable symphony, Daily Paws reports.


Oxman, who studied composition and music theory at the Jerusalem Academy of Dance and Music, launched Sympawnies in order to combine his love for music, animals, and drawing. He has three cats of his own, O'Malley, Mazie, and Michael. Before you ask, yes, they all have their very own "sympawnies" already. Each piece the composer creates ranges from 30 seconds to three minutes and can be played by scanning a QR code at the bottom of his artwork. So far, most of his creations have been for more common pets like cats and dogs, but he also gets requests for more unique pets, like rabbits.


According to Oxman, the drawings of his compositions are mostly influenced by the shape and photo of the animal. Nonetheless, he also attempts to capture the pet's personality through his work. For instance, he compares "lush harmonies and voices" with a cat's fluffy coat or a melody as "rather bouncy—like a rabbit." And, no piece is complete without a punny title. For instance, he has named fittingly his compositions "adogio" and "quarcat" in the past. So when you place an order with Sympawnies, Oxman develops pet portraits in the form of sheet music to truly capture your pet's personality through rhythm.


Although his business is new, Oxman has received incredible feedback from customers. For instance, one customer shared, "Oh my! This is AMAZING! Thank you so much, I love it. Best song ever. I thought you were just joking [but] this is so cool." Clearly, many others have appreciated the composer's love for combining pets, music and drawing.

About 20 percent of the profits Sympawnies generates is used to make a donation towards feeding and rescuing stray cats in his area. If you want to place an order yourself, you can visit Sympawnie's Facebook or Instagram. Or, you can listen to the full collection of Sympawnies on YouTube.


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