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This chapel offers $14 weddings to couples wishing to get married on Valentine's Day

On the day that celebrates love all around the world, this chapel has decided to gift couples a $14 wedding.

This chapel offers $14 weddings to couples wishing to get married on Valentine's Day
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Elizabeth Tamara; Cute Little Wedding Chapel

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and so many people dream of getting married on this special day. Keeping that in mind, a chapel based in Long Beach, California, has come up with a $14 wedding ceremony on Valentine's Day, per The Independent. "Get married on Valentine's Day at our beautiful indoor or outdoor wedding chapel. It is so easy and fun to get married here," the Cute Little Wedding Chapel's official website reads.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | alleksana
Representative Image Source: Pexels | alleksana

The offer is valid from 8 am to 6 pm on February 14, 2024. "$14 cupid special for wedding ceremony for you and up to 4 guests," reads the post. They also shared they can accommodate up to 30 people for their regular fees. They added that if anyone wants a marriage license, they can issue it for $85 and an additional $90 notary fee and delivery for a total of $175.


The couple could have the wedding at the Cute Little Wedding Chapel or the outdoor tropical terrace. However, in case of bad weather, all ceremonies will be moved to the indoor. While the wedding ceremony is for $14, they are also providing other services like getting certified copies of the marriage license for $15 per copy and providing photos and videos for $75 and $100, respectively.


While talking about decorations, the website mentions, "You can simply walk into our Wedding Chapel and it is fully decorated. No additional decoration is needed. If you are getting married on the Tropical terrace, we can add draping and nice silk floral arrangements to enhance its beauty for an additional $50." Moreover, if the couple doesn't have rings, they can purchase wedding bands from the chapel, which range between $25 to $35.

Furthermore, the website allows couples to check availability for the time they would like to have the ceremony. Once that's confirmed, they could fill out the details for the marriage license and make the final payment. Reportedly, it is the seventh consecutive year that the chapel has offered this deal and they claim that they are breaking tradition where other chapels increase their prices for Valentine's Day ceremonies, reports TV station KTLA5.


As per the outlet, most of the ceremonies will be conducted by Alan Katz, who has married off more than 6500 couples, is the presiding officiant for Great Officiants and is also featured in the Hulu series "Prank Panel" with Johnny Knoxville. Katz told ABC7 last year, "The best part of this job is being able to see the expressions on people's faces when they get to do that final kiss when they're saying their vows to each other, but what gets me is the one single tear coming down the side of their face. That gets me every time."


Thousands of people have gotten married at the chapel in all these years. Barbara Stone, who got married in 2023, said, "I was so nervous and Alan just helped me along the way and led everything because I didn't know what to say or anything, so it was great."

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