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This boy was reunited with his lost dog and it's the most heartwarming thing ever

After the Licata family lost their precious pug Piper, they almost gave up on ever finding her again. But lo and behold, a Christmas miracle brought her home.

This boy was reunited with his lost dog and it's the most heartwarming thing ever

There are probably only a few things worse than losing a family member right before the holidays. Before you ask, a pet does count as a family member - an important one, at that! Sadly, this is exactly what happened with the Licata family. When mother April Licata opened the front door to let her dog Piper and her other dog outside to use the bathroom. When she opened the door back up, Piper had disappeared. They searched far and wide before they got a call from the local animal shelter, letting them know that an anonymous individual had found Piper and brought her in. The reunion between Piper and her closest friend, April's son Carter, is seriously the most heartwarming thing you'll ever watch.

When Piper first went missing, April posted on Facebook, "Last night the love of Carter's life ran away, his pug Piper, or she was picked up. I got distracted with the boys and when I went to let her and Jake [the other dog] in, only Jake was there. #SeriousMomGuilt. She’s a two-year-old pug that’s very sweet, but may think you’re playing a game with her if you try and catch her. Can you please share and help us bring her home?" Though messages of condolence came flooding in, the Licatas had no luck. But they didn't give up hope.

Soon enough, they received a message from their local animal shelter, Genesee County. A pug matching Piper’s description had been dropped off at the shelter by a kind person who wanted to remain anonymous. April explained in an interview, "My husband and I were going out to dinner and honestly, there was an outcry of joy in the truck. We were shocked and elated!" Carter was out of town when they received the good news and went to pick the pup up, so the parents decided to keep it a sneaky little surprise for when he returned. When he came home and saw Piper, it was a reunion for the ages.


Mommy April uploaded a video of the interaction. In it, Piper and April are seated in a car. Piper is seen looking out the window and wagging her tail as Carter approaches. The young boy is in shock, but eventually opens the door and snuggles the pug into his arm before beginning to bawl uncontrollably. Now that's what we call a heartwarming reunion. She stated, "It’s so amazing to see the love, and honestly, the video says more than any words I could write. My son loves his dog so much, was sick while she was gone, and tonight she’s sleeping next to him again. What a Christmas miracle for our family and thank you to everyone who helped bring Piper home."


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