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This AirBnB comes with an 8-year-old cat guiding guests along the Appalachian Trail

Cinamen is one classy and smart feline, accompanying hikers to guide, along the Appalachian Trail, offering a thrilling experience.

This AirBnB comes with an 8-year-old cat guiding guests along the Appalachian Trail
Cover Image Source: X| @ATinyGreenCell

Getting away from city life to enjoy a peaceful hike is an illuminating feeling for many. What makes it better is having someone who can guide the other through the area and provide a non-judgemental, raw and caring accompaniment. Sebastian Cocioba (@ATinyGreenCell) shared a post on X revealing a furry companion he encountered during his stay by the Appalachian Trail. Cocioba shared pictures of his mesmerizing hike with the company of an adorable cat. 8-year-old Cinamen has been guiding and hosting guests with her Airbnb owner, Trisha Mulligan and it’s a thrilling experience for guests, per Backpacker.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Eric Sanman
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Eric Sanman

“Went with my partner upstate and the Airbnb host’s cat took us for a guided hike along the Appalachian Trail. This is what he does with every guest. He would complain when we took a wrong turn off the trail and knew the way back. Amazing cat. Would apocalypse with,” Cocioba wrote in the caption, along with breathtaking pictures of the view and the feline. Mulligan revealed that Cinamen was used to the tactics and knew his job around the Appalachian Trails and would gladly oblige in taking guests around. Mulligan revealed that Cinamen knows his way in and out, which adds a helpful feature for guests hiking.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Trung Kiên
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Trung Kiên

The orange feline is also said to be comfortable with vivid guests knocking at their door. “I call him the concierge because he just loves people. You know, each color, they have different personalities. And there’s something about an orange cat that’s very social, and we have a very social cat,” she added. Mulligan shared that Cinamen was adopted 8 years ago and has been hanging around with her since then. “When we’re leaving our house, he follows me. You know, like when you’re gardening and your cat jumps on your back? He’s always with me when I’m in the garden, which I love,” she exclaimed.

Mulligan mentioned that out of all the amenities she provides through her Airbnb facility, Cinamen is one the guests love the most. She specifically spoke about a Russian photographer who regularly visits the area for nothing but the beaming feline. “There’s this one guy, this Russian guy, who comes back regularly. He never leaves reviews, but he always sends me pictures—he’s a photographer—and he books because he wants to be with Cinamen and he wants to do the trail with Cinamen,” she remarked. Cocioba also shared follow-up posts in a thread revealing the feline’s intriguing personality. In one of the threads, he shared a picture of Cinamen staring into the camera with the caption, “At times, she judged the crap out of us for being too slow. I got a camera roll full of judgment.”


Mulligan chimed in with more details about her classy pet. She shared that though Cinamen is loved and guests look forward to meeting him more than being at the lodging, the cat is not a marketing strategy or an added feature to the package. Cinamen is more of a voluntary companion who will enjoy the trails with a person only if he feels like it. “I tell people, he’s gonna slow you down because he’s gotta look at stuff and he’s gotta pose. I’ve had people that are hiking that do slow down and be with him, which is kind of my thing.”


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